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Expired Domain Names

Thousands of domain names expire every day. The reasons are different. Some forgot to renew the domains, some just don't want them anymore or they moved on to other projects. For most people these Expired Domains don't have any value. They just see a bunch of Domain Names someone else deleted and move on, but for the people who know about stuff like SEO or Backlinks, Expired Domains are money just waiting to get picked up from the street. The only problem is to separate the good ones from the bad ones.

On you get all the information you need to find good Expired Domains to Backorder Domains. Not only that, but you can also find Deleted Domains you can register for just the regfee of your provider! All Domains have the typical SEO relevant data, like PageRank, Backlinks and Birth. Just look through the thousands of Expired Domain Names dropping every day and pick what you like. :)

You can go through the Lists you are interested in and look for Domains you like or you can use our super fast Domain Name Search to search all 53 Domain Lists at once. Whatever you choose to do, you can use numerous filters to drill down the number of domains, so you find exactly what you are looking for!

Domain Lists

These are the Domain Lists you can currenty find on

Help and Explanations

  • How to Backorder Expired Domains
    If you find an expired domain name you want, you can place a Backorder for that domain with a Drop Catching or Backorder service. Learn more about how Backorder works and where you should backorder your domains.
  • Introduction into the Member Area
    This short article gives a quick introduction into the member area.
  • How the Domain Availability Check works uses two different ways to check the availability of a Domain Name. DNS and Whois check. Read about how they are different from each other and how they are used on this website.
  • Why you should always check Values
    The information for Domains on are gathered when the Domain gets added to a Domain List, but they might change right after. Read about why you should always check Values before making a decision to buy or register a Domain.
  • What you can find in the Member Area
    There are a lot of great features you can only find in the Member Area and I want to use this post to show you what they are, so you can decide if you would benefit from signing up.
  • PageRank on
    What is PageRank? Why is it starting at -1? Why is it sometimes red or orange? These and more questions regarding PageRank get answered here.
  • Pending Delete Domain Status
    After a domain expires, it will pass through a number of states, before it gets deleted. The last state before the deletion is the Pending Delete State. Read more about it here. Statistics

You can currently find the following domains in the database. The lists get updated regularly and new domains get added to the database.

  • 39,026,665 Domains are currently in the database, distributed over 53 Domain Lists
  • 32,230,888 Deleted Domains, 1,180,479 Expired Domains and 6,177,276 Marketplace Domains
  • 569,372 Domains were added in the last 24 hours
  • 1,781,502 Domains with Google PageRank
  • 694,756 Domains with Majestic CitationFlow >= 10
  • 1,082,454 Domains with Majectis TrustFlow >= 5
  • 19,699,971 Domains with Moz Domain Authority >= 10
  • 6,396 Domains listed in the DMOZ Directory
  • 249,579 Domains with Similarweb Global Rank
  • 478,302 Domains with Alexa Rank
  • 16,371,713 Domains have records in the Wayback Machine (
  • 2,931,695 Domains have a Wayback Machine Record 10 Years or older
  • 3,078,818 Domains with Backlinks
  • 5,285,459 Domains with SeoKicks DomainPop
  • 10,262,347 Domains with Adwords Searchvolume Stats
  • 13,437,977 Domains that are in the English Dictionary
  • 86,338 Domains that are in the Majestic Million
  • 58,693 Domains with Yandex TCI
  • 5,322,932 Domains with Facebook or Twitter Stats
  • 38,859 GoDaddy Expired Domains will end today
  • 50,444 GoDaddy TDNAM Auctions will end today
  • 741 GoDaddy Most Active Auctions will end today
  • 11,923 NameJet PreRelease Auctions will end today
  • 12,465 SnapNames PreRelease Auctions will end today