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28. Oct 2019

TLD Reg CountFind all registered Domain Names containing your Keyword plus Reg TLD Count

This tool lets you find all registered domain names containing your keyword. It also shows in how many TLDs the name is currently registered in. Use the domain details page to see exactly which TLDs are registered/available. A link menu will pop up when you click on the domain name.

The search index for this tool currently includes 186 million unique names that are at least registered in one of 2,789 supported TLDs (981 top level and 1,628 second level). The index is constantly being updated. Newly registered names are added and the availability counts are updated.

You can enable Camel Casing and the RDT Column (Related Domains starts with/ends with) in the filter area. The "Dot Search" is also supported. It allows for some interesting research queries like: What names are registered in most TLDs? What 5 character names with one number are registered in most TLDs?

Note: The availability of domain names in this tool is based on DNS! It might show domain names as available if the DNS is not set up correctly for them. Use the registrar links to check if a domain name is really available.