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16. Jun 2015 switches to HTTPSWe now encrypts all connections using TLS

It is time to retire HTTP connections and replace them with the more secure HTTPS (encrypted version). The connection from your Browser to the Webserver of is now encrypted.

Possible Problems

  • Browsers consider http://url different from https://url. That is why you have to login again, because the cookie from the old url is not used on the new one. After you done this once, everything will work like before!
  • If you use the password manager in your browser to save your password, you might have to enter it again for the same reason.

Technical Stuff

I use RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate, so all sub-domains can use the same certificate.
I also enabled HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) so Browsers know to only use HTTPS from now on. Old links will be redirected to HTTPS automatically.

As always, if you find a bug, please let me know about it.

30. May 2015

Domain Details PageFind all Information of a Domain Name on one Page

You can now find a new link in the Related Links Menu (Domain Details) that will open up the Domain Details Page of the Domain Name. On this website you can see all Information of the specific Domain no matter what fields you have selected in the column manager.

It also shows the current availability status of the domain name in a bunch of TLDs. The check is done using DNS. That makes it very fast, but can sometimes result in a false positive for domains that are registered, but do not have a DNS Record. They will be shown as available, but are in fact not available. The other way around is not possible. Domains that are shown as taken are always taken.

The availability check also searches the Database for the Domain Name in any other TLD. If that search finds any results, you will see those domains in the listing marked blue and the TLD gets underlined (it becomes a link to the Domain Details Page).

I think this is a good addition and I have some ideas for improvements. As always, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please let me know about it.

17. May 2015

New Fields and FilterDNS Status Columns, Yandex TCI, Twitter/Facebook Stats, New Languages

You can add the new fields using the Column Manager . The checks already run for a while, but not every domain has a result yet! Also I had to reset some columns because of errors.

Yandex TCI - Thematic Citation Index

Yandex TCI is similar to Google PageRank. The higher the TCI is the better. It seems to be very selective what domains have a TCI. I currently only have 14,000 domains with a TCI 10 or higher in the database and I checked millions. Also it is possible to "fake" it by redirecting a domain on another domain. If a TCI is fake, the check resets the value to 0. You can read more about it here. It is also called TIC in some places. I guess that has something to do with the translation.

New DNS Status Columns

You can now see the DNS Status for the Domain Name for 9 more TLDs. The new TLDs are: .US, .CA, .UK, .CO.UK, .CO, .EU, .COM.AU, .IN and .CO.IN Already included for a while now are .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, .BIZ and .DE. For CNOBI I have the zone files, so checks are really fast and easy. Unfortunately you can't get zone file access for a lot of TLDs so for .DE I'm making real DNS Request to the NS Servers and the new TLDs are implemented the same way as .DE. I made a mistake with the Status DNS Check for .CO.IN and .IN and had to reset all results, but now everything is working correctly. You will see an exclamation mark for TLDs without a result and the usual green/red bubbles for available/taken.

New Languages for the Keyword Filter

You can now filter Keyword Domains for Croatian, Slovenian, Romanian, Hungarian, Malaysian and Indonesian. I do not speak any of these languages, so I'm not sure how good the word lists are. Please let me know if it is total gibberish. For Indonesian I only have a very small list of 6,000 words, but for Croatian the list contains 600,000 words. As a comparison, my English word list has 350,000 and the German list has 1,400,000 words. If you know of places where I can download a dictionary or word lists for a language I currently do not support, please let me know (translation is not necessary). The format doesn't matter, because I process them anyway. You can also enabled the new languages for "Always Camel Case Domain" in your User Settings.

Facebook and Twitter Stats

If you are looking for domains that already have a social background this might be helpful to you. You can now see a bunch of Facebook Stats and Twitter Tweet Count. As far as I know you can't get Tweet Count for the full Domain. That is why I call the Twitter API twice for the Domain with and without www. I might add an additional column that has the higher value to make sorting and filtering easier. A related new feature is the Namecheck that works similar to the Status DNS Check. It lets you see if it is possible to get the Domain Name as a Facebook or Twitter Username. Unfortunately I found a Bug with this and had to reset almost 13 million results...

02. May 2015

More Domainlists AddedDynadot, Namesilo, NamePal, Bido and

27. Apr 2015

Faster Domain Search ResultsNew Version of the Domain Name Search

I'm happy to announce the release of a new version of the Domain Name Search (the search box in the top right corner). The new version looks like before, but it is a lot faster and that was the main reason for updating it. The previous version had some speed problems with the initial search and that made some of my ideas for the search impossible.

The old system used Sphinxsearch to find domains, but for the listing itself (paging, filtering, sorting) it used mysql. To make this possible I had to save the result list from sphinx in mysql. That was very slow for some searches.
One of the edge cases I looked at was the search for "the". This results in over a million domains and could take up to 35 seconds to generate. With the new search it takes around 1.4 seconds. The average search now takes around 0.3 seconds and I still have some ideas on how to improve it further.

The implementation effects a lot of places, so if you notice problems, please let me know.