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27. Nov 2015

Central Listing for all your Watchlist DomainsAll Domains on one Page with Filters and Sorting

You can now find all Domains on your Watchlist in one Listing. The Listing works like every other Domainlist on with Filters and Sorting. You can find the Link to your Watchlist Listing in your User Menu by clicking on your Username or at the end of the normal Domainlist Navigation. If you don't see these links, you have disabled the Watchlist in your Settings. You can enable or disable it at any time.

The Watchlist Listing doesn't use caches for the Domain Counter and some Filters. They are generated on the fly and because of that the more Domains you have on your Watchlist, the slower the Listing gets. I don't think it is noticeable yet, but just keep it in mind. If you don't need a Domain on your Watchlist anymore, remove it and the speed will increase.

Domains stay on your Watchlist even if they get removed from the Domain List you've added them from. So it is possible to add a Domain from the Pending Delete List and see if it is available for Registration after the Drop. Also all Domain Stats for your Watchlist Domains will be refreshed regularly. Under the Watchlist Listing you can find some Links that can help you bulk remove Domains from your Watchlist.

As always, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please let me know about it.

14. Nov 2015

New Domainlist: Auctions on is the leading Backorder Service for .io Domains. You can now find the current Domain Auctions from on They are public auctions, so you can bid for them if you want. You can also find pending delete .io Domains in the Pending Delete Domainlist.

In other news: Sedo changed something with the "Search API" I was using to import their domains into the Sedo Fixed Domainlist. This was an internal API the Sedo Frontend was using and unfortunately I'm unable to get it working again. As a result, the list will not be updated anymore and I will remove it soon.

29. Aug 2015

SimilarWeb Global RankSimilarWeb: The Better Alexa Now On

A question you might ask yourself when you look at Expired Domains is "How much traffic does this domain get?". Unfortunately you can't look into the analytics of the previous owner. This is where services like Alexa and SimilarWeb come into play. They estimate from certain data points how many visits websites get and ranks them accordingly.

Alexa is around for almost 20 years now, but they moved more and more options from their free version to paid plans. Luckily for a couple of years now we have SimilarWeb. They also have a paid plan, but you can already see a lot of information in the free version! Just compare these two links for (Alexa | SimilarWeb).

SimilarWeb also provides an API and I'm happy to announce that I have implemented it. You can now see the SimilarWeb Global Rank for the Domains on If it doesn't have a Rank, it is represented as 0. To save up space I have removed Alexa from the default Listing, but you can still find it in the Column Manager and add it again if you want.

Here you can find more information on how SimilarWeb works. As always, if you find a bug, please let me know about it.

23. Aug 2015

15 New DNS Status TLD ColumnsDNS Status for .at, .ch, .be, .nl, .dk, .fr, .pl, .es, .pt, .it, .me, .tv, .io, .cn, .ru

My DNS API got an overhaul and can now handle a lot more TLDs. Because of that I'm happy to announce the arrival of 15 New DNS Status TLDs on With these you can easily see if a domain name is available or not in that TLD.

You can now see the DNS Status of the Domain Name for .at, .ch, .be, .nl, .dk, .fr, .pl, .es, .pt, .it, .me, .tv, .io, .cn, .ru.
Of course you can also filter the listing with the usual "is available" or "is not available" filters. You can add the new columns to your table listing using the Column Manager .

That doubles the amount of DNS Status TLDs available on It only runs for a couple of days now, so only a small portion of the domains in the database have results, but that will change over time.

16. Jun 2015 switches to HTTPSWe now encrypt all connections using TLS

It is time to retire HTTP connections and replace them with the more secure HTTPS (encrypted version). The connection from your Browser to the Webserver of is now encrypted.

Possible Problems

  • Browsers consider http://url different from https://url. That is why you have to login again, because the cookie from the old url is not used on the new one. After you done this once, everything will work like before!
  • If you use the password manager in your browser to save your password, you might have to enter it again for the same reason.

Technical Stuff

I use RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate, so all sub-domains can use the same certificate.
I also enabled HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) so Browsers know to only use HTTPS from now on. Old links will be redirected to HTTPS automatically.

As always, if you find a bug, please let me know about it.


Added two new Domainlists: Sedo Fixed and Afternic Buy Now
Both lists work like the Sedo Fixed list worked before. They include Sedo/Afternic domains that are new on their platform with a Fixed Price/Buy Now. I only have access to a limited feed of these and can't get all domains or check specific domains. I can't check if a domain is still on Sedo/Afternic and I can't update the price if it changes. Because of that domains will be removed from the list after a month. Hopefully someday I will get a real API from them and then can include their full inventory.


Fixed searching for Domain Names with TLD in the Domain Name Filter Boxes
Before this change you had to enter the Domain Name without the TLD in the Domain starts with/ends with... Filters. Now you can enter the full Domain Name and if a TLD is detected, it will be ignored. Also the number of possible Keywords was increased from 15 to 30.


Added SimilarWeb Rank and Alexa Rank min/max Filter
When you use the max filter, you should also set the min filter to 1, to get ride of 0 entries.


Added ccTLD groups to the domain navigation
This was a necessary step to be able to add more lists in the future.


Added .sh and .ac droplist to the pending delete list