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03. Jun 2016

Expired .br Domains: How to get them!Explanation on how to get Expired .br Domains

The release process for Expired .br Domains is different from other TLDs, so I thought I would explain it a bit. Expired .br Domains go through the normal redemption period and pending delete period, but at the end they do not just get released. The .br registry keeps them and releases them together at a certain time. The release process takes place 3 times a year and lasts 15 days.

You can find the .br Droplist list in the Pending Delete List.

After it starts you can apply for domain names (maximum of 20 names). At the end domains no one has applied for drop and you can register them normally. Domains only one person has applied for will be given to that person. If two or more persons have applied for the same domain name the domain will not be release at all! The domain will be kept back until the next release process and then they try again. This repeats as long as the domain has two or more interested parties, but a maximum of 6 times. After the 6 time, the domain will be reserved by the registry and not released at all.

You can read about it here (Portuguese) or here in English (Google Translate).

The next release process starts at 2016-10-08 18:00 UTC and ends at 2016-10-23 18:00 UTC.

Here you can find Deleted .br Domains.

I will try to keep creating the droplist for the 3 dropcycles per year. I do that by hand, so if I forget, please let me know!

31. May 2016

New Domain List and Improved GoDaddy ImplementationGoDaddy Auctions with Bids and faster Updates for GoDaddy Closeouts

Today the implementation of the GoDaddy TDNAM Domains (all GoDaddy lists) got improved. Before I only used the GoDaddy Export Files to include their Domain Inventory into the Website. That works great, but the Export Files only update once per day so some information could be old. Now I also use the GoDaddy API to update the domain lists and that improves the quality a lot.

GoDaddy Closeouts

Everyone who uses the GoDaddy Closeout list probably knows this feeling. You find a Domain you want to buy and click on it only to find out that it is already sold. That is frustrating, I know...
Good news, the possibility of that happening is now a lot smaller, because the list gets updated every 30 minutes and sold Domains get removed!

New Domain List: GoDaddy Auctions With Bids

With the new system I update all GoDaddy Auctions with Bids every minute in all GoDaddy lists. This is great for the quality of the pricing information, but also lets you see what auctions receive bids so why not add these domains into a separate list.

You can now see all Expired Auctions + Public Auctions and Value Auctions that have bids in the GoDaddy Auctions with Bids List. There is also a new filter for the list that lets you filter by auction type (Expired, Public or Value) and the list has a new column (Changed) you can sort by.
Changed is a timestamp that updates when the auction receives a new bid. It's fun to monitor what domains get bids and figure out why.

GoDaddy Auctions that receive a bid in the last minutes of the auction will be extended! This means you can use this list to notice auction sniping and join the auction before it ends!

21. May 2016

New Domain List: Deleted .pl DomainsExpired .pl Domains that dropped are now available in the Deleted .pl Domains List

I couldn't find a Droplist for .pl, so I had to create my own and it took me a while to understand how the Drop for .pl Domains works, but I think I got it now. Something I had to wrap my head around is that Domain Tasting is still a thing for .pl Domains, so almost 100% of .pl Domains that drop get tasted.
This is how I think it works:

  • If a Domains gets deleted by the owner, the domain goes into [DELETE_BLOCKED] for 5 days and can't be renewed anymore.
  • If a Domain doesn't get paid at the billing date, the Domain goes into [BLOCKED] for 30 days or for NASK Domains 90 days. This is the redemption period and in this state the domain can be renewed.
  • After [DELETE_BLOCKED] or [BLOCKED] the Domain drops and can be registered/tasted [RESERVED]. It will stay a maximum of 14 days in [RESERVED] state.
  • If it doesn't taste good, it gets the [BOOK_BLOCKED] status for 90 days. After 90 days the domain drops again and can't be tasted anymore.

I check the domains after [DELETE_BLOCKED] and [BLOCKED]. If the Domain is available, it will be release. If the Domain gets registered/tasted, I keep the Domain in the pending delete list and check it again at the end of [BOOK_BLOCKED].

The Deleted .pl Domains List gets updated every hour, because .pl Domains drop at the exact time you can find in the whois under "expiration date".

27. Nov 2015

Central Listing for all your Watchlist DomainsAll Domains on one Page with Filters and Sorting

You can now find all Domains on your Watchlist in one Listing. The Listing works like every other Domainlist on with Filters and Sorting. You can find the Link to your Watchlist Listing in your User Menu by clicking on your Username or at the end of the normal Domainlist Navigation. If you don't see these links, you have disabled the Watchlist in your Settings. You can enable or disable it at any time.

The Watchlist Listing doesn't use caches for the Domain Counter and some Filters. They are generated on the fly and because of that the more Domains you have on your Watchlist, the slower the Listing gets. I don't think it is noticeable yet, but just keep it in mind. If you don't need a Domain on your Watchlist anymore, remove it and the speed will increase.

Domains stay on your Watchlist even if they get removed from the Domain List you've added them from. So it is possible to add a Domain from the Pending Delete List and see if it is available for Registration after the Drop. Also all Domain Stats for your Watchlist Domains will be refreshed regularly. Under the Watchlist Listing you can find some Links that can help you bulk remove Domains from your Watchlist.

As always, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please let me know about it.

14. Nov 2015

New Domainlist: Auctions on is the leading Backorder Service for .io Domains. You can now find the current Domain Auctions from on They are public auctions, so you can bid for them if you want. You can also find pending delete .io Domains in the Pending Delete Domainlist.

In other news: Sedo changed something with the "Search API" I was using to import their domains into the Sedo Fixed Domainlist. This was an internal API the Sedo Frontend was using and unfortunately I'm unable to get it working again. As a result, the list will not be updated anymore and I will remove it soon.


Added Backorder Links to Pending Delete Domains
You can backorder .nl, .be, .eu, .fr and *.uk domains with


Added Hexonet Backorder Link for .de Domains in the Pending Delete List
Hexonet now also offers backorder for .de domains.


Added .dk Pending Delete List
You can now find the .dk Droplist in the Pending Delete List.


Removed PageRank Validation (fake/unsure/valid)
I removed the PageRank validation process, because it doesn't work anymore. The column itself will stay for a while longer, but the data is cached (old) and you should not use it anymore!


Readded the .at droplist to the pending delete list
The dropdate sometimes seems to be off by 1-2 days, but it is a lot better than before.