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30. Apr 2019

Bulk Domain SearchCheck any List of Domains and find out if they are listed here

Copy & paste any list of domains into the Bulk Domain Search and if they are listed, view them with the gathered domain data in the corresponding domain list. You can use formated lists with domains on different lines or just html or any other text format containing domain names.

How could this be useful? One example would be old droplists. You want to know what happened to these domains? Are they available, are they for sale anywhere? You can now just check that from time to time. However this is not limited to droplists! You can input any domain list. If the domains on it are listed, you will find out and can view them. It works similar to the NameJet Most Active Mail Parser, but for all supported domain lists not just NameJet.

Because of limitations with the max length of URLs browsers and webservers can handle, the domain list is stored in the database and you use a key to access it. The key is a hash created from the domain list and changes every time you enter different domains. This allows for much bigger domain lists to be supported. The current max limit is 50k domains per list and you can create as many as you want. If a list is not used for 4 weeks, it will be deleted automatically.

I'm not quite happy with this yet, but the key created by the search also works in your saved searches. However when you change the domains you want to monitor, you have to create a new key and that means you have to recreate your saved searches that use the key! This can probably be done a lot better. If you have suggestions/ideas how it should work, let me know. btw. If you use a key in your saved searches, it will not be deleted after 4 weeks!