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The GoDaddy Auctions Valuation Changed
GoDaddy replaced the old Expired Auction Valuation with a new appraisal algorithm that takes the Afternic sales database into account and predicts the retail value. You can find the new valuation now for all GoDaddy Expired and Closeout Domains. I've also added a min/max valuation filter to the GoDaddy lists.
All SimilarWeb Ranks are now updated
Cleaned up the Daily Saved Searches Update E-Mail
Every domain now only has 1 link in the email (at the back). I hope by reducing the amount of links in the email, it is less likely considered spam and moved to your spam folder or even rejected. I might also offer a linkless email for people that want one in the future. Let me know if you are interested in something like that.
Bugfix: You can now search for domains that start with or end with 0 (zero)
Before just entering 0 (zero) would have been ignored.
All SimilarWeb Ranks are now updated
SimilarWeb Traffic Share Information are no longer available
The SimilarWeb API changed and unfortunately I'm no longer able to get the Traffic Share Information. The SimilarWeb Rank and GEO Information are not affected.
New Field Whois Registrar + Filter
The field contains the registrar name from the whois (if possible!). For some tlds like com/net it works very well, but some tlds do not name the registrar in the whois and for some tlds I do not always do a whois. So the field sometimes contains no data or replacement data (e.g. a nameserver). You can find the column in the column manager and there is a filter for it. The filter does a contains search without splitting the search term! Searching for "network solutions" will not search for "network or solutions", but "network+solutions". That also means you can only search for one registrar at a time!
The .nl Drop runs every hour now
Because of a change of you can now see the end hour of the quarantine period for .nl domains in the whois. That makes it possible to run the check every hour now.
Added the official Deleted .ru List
The pending delete list for .ru domains does not seem to be complete. I've added the official deleted .ru list using a separate resource to the deleted .ru list to complete it.
The .co Dropcheck is now fixed
The dropdate validation for .co works better now and the missing domains are in the deleted .co list.
More Deleted Archive Lists for .com and .net
The year 2012 and 2011 are now loaded for .com and .net. All information are updated, except majestic. Because of the high pricing of majestic it will take a couple of months before everything is updated.
The next dropcycle started
You can find the droplist in the pending delete list. The drop will start at 2017-03-26 15:00 BRT.
All SimilarWeb Ranks are now updated
Removed Fields: PageRank, Facebook Stats and
If you have Saved Searches using these fields, you should update them. They will not fail, but filters using these fields will be ignored.
Domain Name Pattern: Blacklist Filter doesn't add a length filter anymore
Using the blacklist pattern filter doesn't automatically limit the results to the length of the pattern anymore. Before this change, a blacklist pattern like "CCCC" would have only shown you length 4 domains that do not match the pattern. Now this will show you all domains, except length 4 "CCCC" domains.
Domain Name Pattern: Starts with Pattern Mode
You can now use "^" somewhere in your pattern to switch the search mode to starts with. A pattern like "^CVCV" would find and The position of the "^" doesn't matter. "^CVCV" works the same as "CVCV^" or "CV^CV".
Removed Filter for PageRank, Facebook Stats and
The information for these are not updated anymore. They will be removed completely soon.
Majestic API Data now on
This took quite a lot of time and work, but now everything except the 2013 archive .com is updated (they will be ready next month). After that all 160 million domains in the database have Majestic API Data and all domains that have Majestic CF/TF or Backlinks >= 1 will be rechecked regularly. Everything that is newly added to the database is of course checked immediately. I only check the domain level, so no subdomain (www.) checks! You can find the new Columns in the Column Manager and there is a new Filter tab.
Domain Name Pattern: Vowel and Consonant Repetition
You can now use M and O for vowel repetition and U and X for consonant repetition.
More Deleted Archive Lists for .com, .net, .org and .biz
The year 2013 is now loaded for .com and .net. I've also finished the years 2011 and 2012 for .org and .biz. The next archives will be .net 2012/2011 and .com 2012 -> 2006.
New Deleted .com Archive Lists for 2014
After some server upgrades I will start loading the .com archive for 2013. I think I now have the 2006 -> 2013 droplists for .com and I will load those one after the other. If you know of a place where I can get more droplists or other tlds, let me know. I need old droplists that include the domain name and the drop date of the domain.
New Deleted Archive Lists for .net, .org, .biz and .info
You can now also find archive lists for deleted .net, .org, .biz and .info domains. All data is updated, except adwords for a couple of domains. The adwords checks are slowing down the loading of archive domains. They will be updated at a later stage.
Fixed the GoDaddy Whois URL
GoDaddy switched to reCAPTCHA for their whois tool and because of that changed the URL. It is now updated and works again.
New Deleted .com Archive Lists for 2015
You can now find another 12 month or archive deleted .com domains. Before this change the archive system could only handle up to 12 month of deleted .com domains. Now it is possible to add a new month without reseting an old one. At the moment you have access to the last 24 month of available deleted .com domains, but it will increase over time automatically. I reloaded the 2015 deleted domains and all information are up to date for them. I might also load 2014 and maybe 2013, but that will take time because all information needs to be refreshed. Also the archive navigation changed. You can now find the archive links directly under the deleted .com navigation button.
New Button that copies the Domain Names on the current page into your Clipboard
The clipboard is short-term data storage you can use to transfer data between documents or applications via copy (Ctrl+C) and paste (Ctrl+V) operations. The button copies the domains on the current page into your clipboard (Ctrl+C). After that you can quickly paste (Ctrl+V) them wherever you want. The script used for this is based on HTML5 and does not require flash! However you need a current browser version: Chrome 42+, Firefox 41+, Edge 12+, IE 9+, Opera 29+ or Safari 10+. You can find the button next to the export and save search icons above the domain listings.
Added Expired .br Domains from 2015 to the Deleted .br Domains List
Thanks to a user who gave me the droplists, I've added ~ 1 mio available domains to the Deleted .br Domains list. These domains expired and were deleted in 2015, but the information in the list is current!
Added a new Tool, that shows you Related Domains for a supplied Domain or Word
A domain is considered a Related Domain if it starts or ends with the supplied domain name or word (NO contains). The database used for this tool is compiled every day using the CNOBI zonefiles. The complete domain name is used for the check. Hyphens or numbers are not removed! If you enter "", the check would look for domains starting/ending with "123domain-name".
The GoDaddy Expired List now only contains Expiring Auctions
The GoDaddy Expired List should now only contain expiring auctions and no other auction types (public, value, ...) anymore. You can still find these in the other GoDaddy Lists.
The next dropcycle started
You can find the droplist in the pending delete list. The actual drop will happen 2016-10-23 15:00 BRT.
Added Backorder Links to Pending Delete Domains
You can backorder .nl, .be, .eu, .fr and *.uk domains with
Added Hexonet Backorder Link for .de Domains in the Pending Delete List
Hexonet now also offers backorder for .de domains.
Added .dk Pending Delete List
You can now find the .dk Droplist in the Pending Delete List.
Removed PageRank Validation (fake/unsure/valid)
I removed the PageRank validation process, because it doesn't work anymore. The column itself will stay for a while longer, but the data is cached (old) and you should not use it anymore!
Readded the .at droplist to the pending delete list
The dropdate sometimes seems to be off by 1-2 days, but it is a lot better than before.
Added SEMRush US Integration
You can find the new SEMRush fields in the column manager and the filters under the SEO tab.
Added highlighting of last minute bidding in GoDaddy Auctions with Bids
Auctions that end in under 15 minutes and received a bid in the last 15 minutes are now highlighted.
New Domain List: Deleted .xyz Domains
You can find the .xyz Droplist in the Pending Delete List.
Added links for pending delete .ru / .su domains
Added .xyz drop list from to the Pending Delete list
Added Deleted .br Domains List
The current release phase for .br will end today and after it ends domains no one applied for will be released. You can now find the domain list and I will update the list when the domains start to drop.
Added SimilarWeb Top Country Selector
You can now select up to 30 SimilarWeb Top Countries.
Added Adult Domain Name Filter
The adult filter uses mostly English adult words. Some of the words are only considered when they are at the start or end of the domain name, because otherwise over filtering would be a big problem. If you have a word list that you think should be filtered, let me know!
Added 9 new SimilarWeb Columns and Filters
You can find the new columns in the Column Manager and there are also new filters for them.
  • Top Country Traffic Share (in Percent): Traffic share from the top country
  • Top Country Rank: The rank of the domain in the top country
  • Number of Countries with > 1% Traffic Share: Good to see if the traffic mainly comes from one country or from multiple countries
  • Search Traffic Share (in Percent): How much of the traffic is search traffic.
  • Social Traffic Share (in Percent): How much of the traffic is social traffic.
  • Direct Traffic Share (in Percent): How much of the traffic is direct traffic.
  • Referal Traffic Share (in Percent): How much of the traffic is referal traffic.
  • Mail Traffic Share (in Percent): How much of the traffic is mail traffic.
  • Paid Traffic Share (in Percent): How much of the traffic is paid traffic.
Updated all SimilarWeb Rank values
SimilarWeb Rank values usually only update once per month. What I do when I notice that the update happened is I recheck all Domains in the Database with a SimilarWeb Rank. After that all SimilarWeb values you see are up to date from the current SimilarWeb Index. Newly added Domains are obviously checked as well.
New Domain List: Deleted .nz Domains
You can find the .nz Droplist in the Pending Delete List.
New Domain List: Deleted .pt Domains
You can find the .pt Droplist in the Pending Delete List. I'm not exactly sure when .pt domains drop. I currently use the whois expiration date + 31 days. That seems to be off sometimes by 1 or 2 days. If someone has more information, please let me know!
New Domain List: Deleted .dk Domains
At the moment I do not know if there is a pending delete status or how to check for it. If someone knows of a .dk domain that is in pending delete, please let me know! I need an example and maybe I can create a pending delete list from that. Also if anyone knows of any place that offers backorders for .dk, let me know! I only found the DK Hostmaster's waiting list.
New Domain List: Deleted .io Domains
I've also added my own droplist to the pending delete list. It is now a mix of the droplist and the one I create myself.
New Domain List: Deleted .hu Domains
You can find the .hu Droplist in the Pending Delete List.
Added Domains to the Pending Delete Liste