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Current Issues (3)

Notice anything not working correctly? Report it!
Removed the namesilo auctions list.
Contact me if you really need the list.
The deletion process for .md changed. The pending delete and delete checks for .md might not work correctly for a while.
The deletion process for .dk changed. The pending delete and delete checks for .dk might not work correctly for a while.
Renamed Adwords to Google Ads
Removed Adwords Country Based Data Points
Country based data points (DE, US, UK) are not possible anymore.
The global search volume data will still be available.
Removed Adwords Category Filter
The new google ads api doesn't provide a categorization model anymore.
Fixed the wikipedia import
Adwords search volume data (search volume, competition, cpc)
The adwords api is gone now and the google ads api replacement does not provide the same features. At the moment it looks like I'm able to keep providing global search volume data, however the country based data points (DE, US, UK) are not possible anymore and will be removed. There is also no categorization model, so the "Adwords Products & Services Category" will also be removed.
2022-05-04 shut down May 1, 2022
At the moment the top 1m sites file still exists and is updated daily. It is expected that this will work until December 2022, however it might shut down earlier. The column was removed from the default column list. You can still add it to your listing using the column manager.
Deleted and Pending Delete .ai Domains
You can now find .ai domains in the pending delete list and there is also a deleted .ai list. .ai domains only drop once per month. At the end of the month they are auctioned and around the 5 or 6 of the next month they drop.
New Page: Domain Lists - When are they updated?
On the domain list page, you can find out when a domain list is usually updated (what hour). Click on the domain list to see when new domains where added to the list in the last 10 days.
All hours are in UTC.
Changed more column sorting (default-value last)
Dmoz, Yaca, SRUSR, MMGR, WBY and ABY now always put the default value at the bottom of the listing.
Changed the way default values are handled in sorting (for alexa as a test)
For the alexa column the default value 0 would always be at the top if you sort by alexa (small is better). The old way of fixing this issue was to just filter out all 0 values before sorting.
The new solution is to put all default values always at the bottom of the listing when sorted by the column. This way you can sort by alexa and still see all domains you selected (0 values always at the bottom).
If you want to use the old way, you can use the "only with Alexa Rank" filter. There are more columns with this default value issue. I will switch the solution for these as well, if the alexa test works out. Let me know if you encounter an issue with this.
New List: Auctions
You can now also look through the auctions.
Deletion process for .ng / works again
Deletion process for .club works again
2021-09-20 Domain Inventory is now fully loaded
New: Domain Inventory
You can now also look through the domain inventory. The full import (~12mio domains) will take a couple of days, however you can already use the lists if you want.
New Filter: Word Length for Dictionary Word Domains
The word length filter for dictionary word domains allows to specify the length of words at specific positions in the domain name. This is different then the domain name length filter, because this filter specifies the length of single words found inside the domain name in the specific language.
For example: The name ExpiredDomains is two words with seven characters each. If you want to find domains like that you would enter "7 7".
The filter only works in domain lists and not in the domain name search.
New Filter: All words start with the same letter
In the "Dictionary Word Domains" box, select the language you want and the "All words start with the same letter" filter. This will result in domains like this:,,
If you want to look for specific starting letters, you can use the starts with filter to define them.
The filter only works in domain lists and not in the domain name search.
Pending delete .us / .biz
I have a pending delete list for .us and .biz again. Deleted domains are also back.
Redish Dark Mode Theme
In your settings you can now select the primary color theme of the dark mode. At the moment three modes are supported. Blue, Red and Orange.
Dislike Domains
You can now mark domains you dislike in your listings. Domains you marked as disliked will be highlighted visually, however they are not removed from your listings. You will still see them when ever they come up, just marked as disliked. If you do not want to use the dislike system, you can disable it in your settings.
Simplifying the website a bit
Removed the German translation. The timezone is now UTC for everyone.
Changed how the settings are stored
The settings storage system is new. If everything works correct, you should not notice any changes! However if something doesn't work that worked before, let me know.
The deletion of .se / .nu Domains works again
The missing 5 days also dropped now.
The namesilo auctions import is fixed now
fixed the Epik Lists Import
The SedoMLS Inventory is now fully loaded
Sedo Domains without SedoMLS enabled are not included!
added the Droplists for 6 nTLDs
You can now find .berlin, .app, .page, .dev, .shop and .tokyo droplists in the pending delete list. These are not official droplists. I create them myself!
added 3 new Sedo Domain Lists and a lot more Domains
I now have access to the full SedoMLS domain inventory. Sedo Domains without SedoMLS enabled are not included!
The full domain import will take a while, however you can already use the 3 new sedo domain lists. They will contain all buy now (fixed price) sedo domains split on the TLD (.com, .de, other TLDs).
The sedo bargain list will also stay and have all buy now domains up to a 1k price. The make offer lists also include new domains. The update interval is the same as before (once per day).
added 6 new Deleted Domain nTLDs
You can now find Deleted Domains for .app, .dev, .page, .shop, .berlin and .tokyo. The pending delete lists are not ready yet, but will follow soon.
New Domain Lists Category: Research Lists
You can now find a new category of domain lists in the navigation. I use these domain lists internally, so I thought why not make them available to everyone. I'm not sure how useful these are to anyone else, but here you go. Under every research domain list, you can find a small FAQ that answers some questions you might have when you use these lists (Why are there gaps?, Why are some domains missing?, ...)

The domains from the research lists work in the bulk domain search and you can get domain details pages for them, however they do not show up in the domain name search. Other things like the watchlist and saved searches work as well.

If there is interest, I can also look into adding the cisco umbrella top 1 mio list or the list. Let me know if you would like to see these or other domain lists.
.io domains drop again
The pending delete phase for .io domains was increased from 5 days to 15 days. That is why there was a 10 day gap.
Added 2 new Domain Lists for
The NameLiquidate Reverse and Bargain list is under the Epik Navigation Point.
Added new Domain List Auctions
Added new Domain List Auctions
Removed the three Uniregistry Domain Lists
Fixed an issue with the Domain Name Search and the TLD Filter
When the TLD Filter is used the search only uses lists that contain the selected TLD(s) to speed up the search. It doesn't make sense to search for a .pt domain in the deleted .com domain list, because it only contains .com domains. The list selection did not work properly for some TLDs. This is now fixed and should work as intended.
The SSL certificates were renewed yesterday. TLS1, TLS1.1 were removed and TLS1.3 added. Without TLS1 and TLS1.1, some very old browsers/clients might not be able to use the website anymore.
New 30 day droplist for
I'm working on a 30 day droplist for at the moment. This will be an addition to the very short official droplist. The dropdate calculation is not perfect yet and domains can still be renewed in this time!
The drop check for .info and .pro is now 4 hours later
This seems to work better and I will keep it like this for now.
New Domain Name Search System (search box, top right corner)
It looks the same and should work the same, but everything is new. The hardware, the search software, the api and the integration are completley new. If you notice any negative changes, let me know. The "exclude Domains on your Watchlist" filter now also works here and the new system can handle regex. This allows the wanted/unwanted character filters to work.
Pending Delete and Deleted Domains
Pending delete and deleted domains are now also supported.
Removed Facebook/Twitter Name Check
The update doesn't work anymore.
Removed Quantcast Column and Filter
The update doesn't work anymore.
Pending delete domains are back
The deleted domains and the pending delete list are now back.
Removed Uniregistry domain registar links
Uniregistry is now owned by GoDaddy.
Deleted .mx / Domains
The public deleted domain list from is unfortunately gone. I can't find a replacement for it on the new registry website, so at the moment I rely on the .mx / droplist I create myself. If anyone know of a replacement, let me know.
Updated the Domain Name Status Section on the Domain Details Page
The filter buttons now also copy a list of the selected domains (taken, available, ...) into your clipboard (CTRL+C/CTRL+V). Also the requested domain is now always the first entry in the list.
Domain Name Lookup added to the Bulk Domain Search
The bulk domain search now has an option to "Find Domains based on Names without TLD". Without this option enabled, the bulk search only parses full domain names with a TLD (as expected). However with it enabled, you can now also enter any name and the search will find all known domains with that name.
For example: You can enter "hotel". This will currently return 595 known domain names in a multitude of TLDs and it will check if any of these are currently in a domain list. Just give it a try by entering your favorite domain name keywords.
Note: This will only find domains that exist in the current domain database. If you enter a name that is currently only known in two TLDs, it will only return two domains!
Registrar Filter Update
The registrar filter received an update. You can now enter multiple search keywords separated by a comma (,). There is also a blocklist version of the filter now and it moved into a separate box on the Comman Tab.
Fixed timeout issue with certain domain lists
The cpu cooler on one of the database servers died. This throttled the cpu and led to request timeouts. The cpu cooler was replaced and everything should go back to normal now.