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My account was closed/deleted. Why?

Here are the reasons why an account would be closed/deleted:

  1. You asked for it using the contact form in the member area.
  2. You did not use your account for over a year (signed in once). Accounts that did not get used for over a year will be deleted.
  3. The email address in your account is not valid anymore. This includes temp/spam email addresses.
  4. You used some kind of program/script/bot/crawler to connect to the member area and that is considered abuse of service. I do not allow automated requests to the member area, because it is build for humans and not for scripts/bots. If you want to use my website manually without a program, I can enabled your account again. However if you use a program, it will be closed again!
  5. Creating multiple accounts to circumvent limits will lead to the closure of all your accounts. If you have explainable reasons for wanting higher limits, just message me using the contact form.
  6. Any kind of mass data mining in the member area will lead to account deletion.

If you think closing your account was a mistake, contact the site admin.

Can I have access to your API?

There is no API, so no you can't.

When do you update list "xy"? When will the website be updated?

It depends on the domain list. You can find the update interval/time for every list under the domain listing and on the member homepage right after you log in.

What Timezone is used on

All times are UTC.

Current Time UTC +/- Timezone Example
07:24 PM 19:24 -07:00 US Pacific Time Los Angeles, Vancouver
08:24 PM 20:24 -06:00 US Mountain Time Denver
09:24 PM 21:24 -05:00 US Central Time Chicago
10:24 PM 22:24 -04:00 US Eastern Time New York, Toronto
02:24 AM 02:24 +00:00 UTC UTC
03:24 AM 03:24 +01:00 GMT / BST London, Dublin
04:24 AM 04:24 +02:00 Central Europa Time Berlin, Paris
10:24 AM 10:24 +08:00 China Standard Time Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong
11:24 AM 11:24 +09:00 Japan Standard Time Tokyo, Seoul

If you want to know what time this is in your Timezone, you can use the World Clock Meeting Planner or

What does the color of the enddate/dropdate mean?

The color of the enddate/dropdate indicates how likely it is that the domain will become available at the shown date.
It's unfortunately not possible to determine the correct enddate for every TLD.
Green: The enddate is most likely accurate.
Orange: The enddate might be off by a couple of days. Domains might drop earlier or later.
Red: The enddate can't be determined correctly. Domains might drop earlier or later. It is best to consider the enddate just a guess!

The dropdate for the following TLDs is not verified. Domains might drop earlier or later:
.eu .cat .travel .ac .ae .af .ar .as .at .au .aw .be .bg .bi .bj .bo .bw .bz .cl .co .cx .cz .dk .dm .ec .es .fi .fo .fr .gd .gg .gi .hk .hr .hu .ie .in .iq .ir .je .jp .ki .ky .kz .lc .lt .lu .lv .ly .md .mg .mn .mx .nl .nc .nf .no .nz .pe .pf .pl .pt .ru .sc .sg .sh .si .sm .sn .so .st .su .sx .th .to .uk .uz .vc .za .cloud .link

What happend to the values (DA/PA)? changed their Free API Terms. You can now only check 25.000 domains per month. The expired .com domain list alone is bigger than that with around 60.000 domains daily. Of course they offer a paid API, but that is to expensive for me at the moment. That means I can't get DA/PA for new domains anymore.

Because I still get regular questions about information, here is what it would cost to bring back I make around 10 to 20 million domain checks per month (10 if I only check new domains, 20 if I recheck old informations). With the Mid Volume Plan it would cost me $5,000/month - $10,000/month. The Max Volume Plan is $10,000/month. That would mean I need to commit $60,000 to $120,000 per year just for API information. Here you can find the API Pricing.

The Whois Creation Date reset after I registered a Deleted Domain. Why?

Deleted Domains do not have a Whois Record anymore, because they are like every "available-never-registered-domain" in that regard. If you register a Deleted Domain, it gets a brand new Whois Record and a new Creation Date. The same applies for Expired Domains that reach the Pending Delete State, even if you Backorder them and they get registered for you. The domain will still be deleted and the Whois Record resets. Basically if a domain reached the Pending Delete State, the Whois Record will be deleted and the Whois Creation Date will be reset!

How can I keep the Whois Creation Date from Expired Domains?

If you want to keep the Whois Creation Date, you have to buy the domain before it drops (reaches pending delete). That is possible for Godaddy Expired Domains and GoDaddy Closeout Domains. These domains get auctioned before they reach pending delete, so if you buy one you can keep the Whois Creation Date.

It is not possible to keep the Whois Creation Date (Birth Year) for Pending Delete Domains and Deleted Domains. When you Backorder or Register a Domain from those lists, you will automatically create a new Whois Record and get a new Creation Date.

I bought domain "xy.z". Your site said it had "value abc" and now it doesn't anymore. Why?

The information on are gathered when a domain gets added to the site. The data gets refreshed periodically, but it is technically impossible to refresh it for every domain every day, so there is a chance that the values you are seeing have changed. Some values change very rapidly. Backlinks can disappear, Google can remove the domain from its index or some other factor can change.

That is why I encourage everyone to check the information before making a buying decision! You can click on most values to verify them on the resource website.
Please check values you base your decision on, before you buy or register the domain! A more details explanation on why you should always do that can be found here.

Can you increase the font size of the Domain Listings?

The font size chosen is only the default size. Modern browsers can make it bigger or smaller for you, just like you want it. In Firefox you can find the Zoom function under View or by using the keyword shortcuts STRG and +/- or STRG and Mousewheel.

Can you disable/remove the Domain Highlighting when you Search?

You can disable the highlighting for your account in your user settings. The Option is called "Domain Search Highlighting".

Why can I not find any IDN Domains? Where can I get a list of IDN Domains?

At the moment IDN Domains are not supported. That is why you can't find any on the website.

Your website says the Domain is available, but I can't register it. Why?

It is technically not possible to check the availability for all domains all the time, so it can happen that the website is showing domains as available that are already registered again. That is why there are links to a number of registrars where you can do a check if the domain is available or not. Also there are two different ways of checking the domain availability that can produce different results. You can read more about how uses DNS and Whois Checks for domain availability here.

What is the Traffic Number and where does it come from?

The traffic number for GoDaddy is +1 every visit you do on an auction. If you visit the same auction 35 times in a row the Traffic Number is +35.

What happend to the PageRank Column and Filter?

Google has disabled the PageRank API ( All requests to the API now return PR0.

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