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How to Backorder Expired DomainsLearn more about how and where to Backorder Expired Domains

If you find an expired domain name you want, you can place a backorder for that domain with a drop catching / backorder service. These services are specialized in automatically registering expired domains as soon as they get available. At this point anyone can register the domain name after the first come first served principle.
Because of that, the fastest service gets the domain. We are talking seconds if not milliseconds here.

That being said, you can of course try to hand register the domain name. If no one fancies it you can get it the regular way by just registering it with your preferred registrar. That is of course always a gamble, because you never know if someone else wants the same domain!

So if you really want the domain, you should consider placing backorders with one or more backorder services. You can place a backorder on multiple platforms, because for most of them you only pay if they are successful! That means if you get the domain, you only pay once. If you not win the domain, you pay nothing! You should not use services that charge you even if they fail to register the domain name for you.

Another thing to consider is that if multiple persons place a backorder for the same domain at the same backorder service and the company registers the domain, the domain most likely will go into auction. How exactly that works is different for every service. Sometimes there is no auction and the first person placing a backorder gets the domain. Some services hold a private auction only for the people that placed a backorder for the domain and some hold a public auction, so everyone can join in. You should check how exactly it works for the service(s) you choose.

Here you can find a list of the current Expired Domains. When you click on the domain name, you will get a menu with possible backorder services for that domain.

If you know of any other backorder services or find a mistake, please let me know.