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Introduction to the Member AreaWhere to find what in the Member Area


1. Domain Lists: Select the Domain List you are interested in

The Domain Lists are split into 2 groups Deleted Domains and Marketplace Domains. By clicking on the corresponding tab, you switch between the two groups and see all Domain Lists associated with that group.

Domain List Navigation

2. Filter: Show the Filter Area and select what Domains you want to see

Click on the "show filter" link to open up the Filter Area.

Show Filter Link

The Filter are spread out over 3 Tabs Common, Additional and Adwords & SEO. You can combine as many Filter as you want from across all Tabs. When you are satisfied with your choice, click on the Apply Filter Button to update the Domain Listing accordingly.

Filter Tabs

To use the same Filter on a different Domain List, you can just click on another List in the Navigation. The system will remember your selected Filter and apply them to the other Lists.

3. Domain Listing: Sorting and Validation of Values

To sort the listing, click on the corresponding column name. To reverse the sorting, click on the column again. To find out what a column stands for, hover over the column name with your mouse and a small explanation will appear.

Domain Listing Sorting

It is important to validate the domain data before making a decision to buy or register a domain. Some values change fast and what you see in the domain listing might not be the actual value anymore. That is why checking values is so important. Most data points in the domain listings have links to places where you can check them. Most data points in the domain listings have links to places where you can check them.

Backlink Menu

4. Customization: Additional Columns and customized Behavior

The default column list you see after you signed up does not contain all possible columns. You can open up the Column Manager to add or remove columns to your Domain Listings.

Column Manager Link

There are a couple of Settings you can change to further customize the Domain Listings to your liking.

User Settings Link

The Domains are split into Domain Lists. You can search for specific Keywords inside the Domain Name in every List, but if you are looking for Keywords Domains the Domain Name Search is the place to go. It searches all of the Domain Lists at once and combines the Results into one Listing.

Domain Name Search