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Dictionary Word Length Filter ExplainedExplanation on how the Dictionary Word Length Filter works

The word length filter for dictionary word domains allows to specify the length of words at specific positions in the domain name. This is different then the domain name length filter, because this filter specifies the length of single words found inside the domain name in the specific language.

For example: The name ExpiredDomains is two words with seven characters each. If you want to find domains like that you would enter "7 7".

Important! You need to select a language for the filter to work!

  • * or 0 - any length will match
  • =8 or 8 - specific length of 8 characters
  • 3-6 - length between 3 to 6 characters
  • >4 - length greater than 4 (5 or more)
  • >=4 - length greater than or equal 4 (4 or more)
  • <4 - length smaller than 4 (3 or less)
  • <=4 - length smaller than or equal 4 (4 or less)

If you want to check multiple words, you separate the checks with a space or comma (,).