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  • Introduction to the member area
    This article gives a quick introduction to the member area.
  • Domain Name Pattern Filter Explained
    The pattern filter can be a very powerful tool in finding good domains. It uses regular expressions to find domains that match your specified pattern without you having to try out every possible combination yourself.
  • Dictionary Word Length Filter Explained
    The dictionary word length filter allows you to define the length of found words at the defined position in the domain name.
  • How to Backorder Expired Domains
    If you find an expired domain name you want, you can place a Backorder for that domain with a Drop Catching or Backorder service. Learn more about how backorder works and where you can backorder domains.
  • How the Domain Availability Check works
    There are two different ways to check the availability of a Domain Name. DNS and Whois check. Read about how they are different from each other and how they are used on this website.
  • Pending Delete Domain Status
    After a domain expires, it will pass through a number of states, before it gets deleted. The last state before the deletion is the Pending Delete State. Read more about it here.

New Name Availability in TLD System
Besides the known "Name availability in TLD" system, you can now also use the new system based on the TLD Reg Column. The old system uses 34 fixed TLDs. Every name in the database is explicitly checked if it exists in the DNS. The new system is based on an index that contains all known domains. It regularly checks if the domain is still in the DNS. If a domain is not in the index, it is considered available. This doesn't work 100% for unknown domains, however it allows a faster update frequency and supports a lot more TLDs (~ 2,393). You can enter multiple TLDs, separated by a space. They are combined with an AND.


New Title for Reg Column
You can now see immediately the TLDs the domain name is registered in, when you hover over the Reg column with your mouse.


New Whois Fields and Filters
In the Column Manager under General you can now find the three whois date fields Created, Expiring and Last Changed. You can also select the Whois Nameservers and the Whois States. Obviously the fields are only filled if they exist in the whois.
There is filter for Nameservers. You separate multiple search words with a comma.
The States Filter needs some getting used to. The state names for gTLDs are uniform, but ccTLDs use mostly different names. You will see all of them in the filter and you have to select the correct name used by the TLD you are interested in.
The fields and filters currently only work in the domain lists. They do not exist in the domain name search. If you want one or more there, let me know.


Fixed GoDaddy auction end times


The GoDaddy Auctions FTP works again and all GoDaddy lists are updated now