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27. Nov 2015

Central Listing for all your Watchlist DomainsAll Domains on one Page with Filters and Sorting

You can now find all Domains on your Watchlist in one Listing. The Listing works like every other Domainlist with Filters and Sorting. You can find the Link to your Watchlist Listing in your User Menu by clicking on your Username or at the end of the normal Domainlist Navigation. If you don't see these links, you have disabled the Watchlist in your Settings. You can enable or disable it at any time.

The Watchlist Listing doesn't use caches for the Domain Counter and some Filters. They are generated on the fly and because of that the more Domains you have on your Watchlist, the slower the Listing gets. I don't think it is noticeable yet, but just keep it in mind. If you don't need a Domain on your Watchlist anymore, remove it and the speed will increase.

Domains stay on your Watchlist even if they get removed from the Domain List you've added them from. So it is possible to add a Domain from the Pending Delete List and see if it is available for Registration after the Drop. Also all Domain Stats for your Watchlist Domains will be refreshed regularly. Under the Watchlist Listing you can find some Links that can help you bulk remove Domains from your Watchlist.