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15. Oct 2016

Expired Domains with Wikipedia LinksFind Domain Names linked from

You can now find a new field in all domain lists. Wikipedia Links is the sum of links a Domain Name has from all Databases. There is of course also a min/max filter for the field and if you are only interested in certain Wikipedia Databases, you can select up to 10 using the Wikipedia Database filter. You can add the field to your listings using the Column Manager.

Before you register any of these Domains, you should check if the links are still present and from what kind of articles they are. You can easily check this by clicking on the number in the Wikipedia Links column. I build a small script that lists the Databases + Number of Links in that Database and the Number of Unique Articles. After that is a Link to the Wikipedia External Links Search where you can find the specific articles and check if they are still active.

All Domains and all Wikipedia Database will be update once per month. If there is interest, I can also provide the same for other Wikimedia websites like wiktionary, wikibooks, wikiquote... Let me know.