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31. May 2016

New Domain List and Improved GoDaddy ImplementationGoDaddy Auctions with Bids and faster Updates for GoDaddy Closeouts

Today the implementation of the GoDaddy TDNAM Domains (all GoDaddy lists) got improved. Before I only used the GoDaddy Export Files to include their Domain Inventory into the Website. That works great, but the Export Files only update once per day so some information could be old. Now I also use the GoDaddy API to update the domain lists and that improves the quality a lot.

GoDaddy Closeouts

Everyone who uses the GoDaddy Closeout list probably knows this feeling. You find a Domain you want to buy and click on it only to find out that it is already sold. That is frustrating, I know...
Good news, the possibility of that happening is now a lot smaller, because the list gets updated every 30 minutes and sold Domains get removed!

New Domain List: GoDaddy Auctions With Bids

With the new system I update all GoDaddy Auctions with Bids every minute in all GoDaddy lists. This is great for the quality of the pricing information, but also lets you see what auctions receive bids so why not add these domains into a separate list.

You can now see all Expired Auctions + Public Auctions and Value Auctions that have bids in the GoDaddy Auctions with Bids List. There is also a new filter for the list that lets you filter by auction type (Expired, Public or Value) and the list has a new column (Changed) you can sort by.
Changed is a timestamp that updates when the auction receives a new bid. It's fun to monitor what domains get bids and figure out why.

GoDaddy Auctions that receive a bid in the last minutes of the auction will be extended! This means you can use this list to notice auction sniping and join the auction before it ends!