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Expired .pl Domains

The droplist was created by monitoring a list of domains. It is most likely not complete. There might be more domains that are not present on the droplist!
The pending delete enddate (dropdate) might be off by a couple of days.
Domains might drop earlier or later.

Domain Tasting is still a thing for .pl domains, so almost 100% of .pl domains that drop get tasted!

  • If a domain gets deleted by the owner, the domain goes into [DELETE_BLOCKED] for 5 days and can't be renewed anymore.
  • If a domain doesn't get paid at the billing date, the domain goes into [BLOCKED] for 30 days or for NASK Domains 90 days. This is the redemption period and in this state the domain can be renewed.
  • After [DELETE_BLOCKED] or [BLOCKED] the domain drops and can be registered/tasted [RESERVED]. It will stay a maximum of 14 days in [RESERVED] state.
  • If it doesn't taste good, it gets the [BOOK_BLOCKED] status for 90 days. After 90 days the domain drops again and can't be tasted anymore.

I check the domains after [DELETE_BLOCKED] and [BLOCKED]. If the domain is available, it will be release. If the domain gets registered/tasted, I keep the domain in the pending delete list and check it again at the end of [BOOK_BLOCKED].

Backorder / Drop Catch:

Expired .pl Domains

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Domains New in the last 24 hours

Domains 2,131
Available 2,129
with Backlinks 1,026
with Alexa Rank 0
with SeoKicks DomainPop 408
with Majestic CF >= 10 25
with Majestic TF >= 5 81
with Yandex SQI 43
with Adwords Searchvolume 393
in English Dictionary 481
in Majestic Million 0
with WBM 876
WBM >= 10 Years 158
links from 7

Domains Total

Domains 895,150
Available 784,307
with Backlinks 273,157
with Alexa Rank 14
with SeoKicks DomainPop 78,889
with Majestic CF >= 10 3,044
with Majestic TF >= 5 9,839
with Yandex SQI 11,425
with Adwords Searchvolume 184,934
in English Dictionary 212,220
in Majestic Million 62
with WBM 209,528
WBM >= 10 Years 30,305
links from 1,087
with Alexa Rank
with Dmoz
with Backlinks
with Alexa Rank
with Dmoz
with Backlinks
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Pending Delete .pl Domains

These Domains will be deleted in the next days. You can backorder them or just register them after they dopped.

TLD Count
.pl 4,627 22 974 273 53 132 56 1 102
.pl 18,950 77 4,793 258 205 429 1 216 12 273
.pl 3,770 18 726 79 80 148 64 1 75
.pl 2,831 14 472 11 25 41 28 2 48
.pl 3,721 17 794 22 29 72 35 1 70

The dropdate for the following TLDs is not verified. Domains might drop earlier or later: .eu .cat .travel .ae .af .as .at .aw .be .bg .bi .bj .bo .bw .cl .co .cx .cz .dk .dm .es .fi .fo .fr .gd .gg .gi .hk .hr .hu .ie .io .iq .ir .je .jp .ki .kz .lt .lu .lv .md .mg .nl .nc .nf .no .nz .pe .pf .pl .pt .ru .sg .si .sm .sn .so .st .su .sx .to .uk .uz .za .berlin .cloud