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Sedo Auction Domains

Domain BL DP ABY ACR Dmoz C N O D Reg RDT Price Bids Endtime    
no Domains found

SedoMLS Domain Inventory

You can find all Sedo Domains that have SedoMLS enabled in the Sedo lists (except IDN and not supported "TLDs" like The SedoMLS Domain Inventory is split between multiple lists. Sedo Domains without SedoMLS enabled are not included!

  • The buy now lists contain all fixed price domains you can buy immediately and they are split by TLD (.com, .de, all other TLDs).
  • Everything else is in the make offer lists (also split by TLD, .com, .de, all other TLDs)
  • The sedo bargains list contains all fixed price domains with a max price of 1k. The same domains can be found in the other buy now lists. It is just an addition if you are looking for bargains.
  • The sedo auctions list contains currently running auctions and the sedo expiring list has the expiring domain inventory of sedo.

Sedo Auction Domains

  • For details on when domain lists are usually updated, click here
  • All times are UTC. Use the World Clock Meeting Planner or if you want to know what time that is in your country.
  • Important! There is no guarantee that the domain information is up to date! It can be old or wrong and everyone should check it before registering/buying a domain!

Column Explanation

  • Domain: Domain Name
  • BL: Majestic External Backlinks, Click on the Number for Related Links
  • DP: SEOkicks Domain Pop - Number of Backlinks from different Domains
  • ABY: The Birth Year of the Domain using the first found Date from
  • ACR: Number of Crawl Results
  • Dmoz: Status of the Domain in
  • C: DNS Status .com of Domain Name
  • N: DNS Status .net of Domain Name
  • O: DNS Status .org of Domain Name
  • D: DNS Status .de of Domain Name
  • Reg: Number of TLDs the Domain Name is Registered
  • RDT: Number of Related Domains in .com/.net/.org/.biz/.info (starts with + ends with)
  • Price: Price information
  • Bids: Number of Bids
  • Endtime: Auction End Time