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Expired .by Domains

The droplist is most likely complete and contains all domains that will be released at the specified date.
The pending delete enddate (dropdate) is most likely accurate.
Pending delete .by domains are auctioned around the 15. of every month ( The auction list will be imported 2 days before the auction ends to the pending delete list. Not sold domains drop after that and will be released on the deleted .by list.
Backorder / Drop Catch:
No known place to backorder .by domains at the moment.
Do you know a place? Let me know!

Expired .by Domains

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Domains New in the last 24 hours

Domains 1,787
Available 1,779
with Backlinks 543
with Alexa Rank 35
with SeoKicks DomainPop 190
with Majestic CF >= 10 66
with Majestic TF >= 5 81
with Yandex SQI 278
with Adwords Searchvolume 648
in English Dictionary 697
in Majestic Million 9
with WBM 894
WBM >= 10 Years 7
links from 4

Domains Total

Domains 29,061
Available 28,951
with Backlinks 8,390
with Alexa Rank 59
with SeoKicks DomainPop 4,249
with Majestic CF >= 10 545
with Majestic TF >= 5 1,440
with Yandex SQI 1,054
with Adwords Searchvolume 8,519
in English Dictionary 11,024
in Majestic Million 65
with WBM 15,595
WBM >= 10 Years 383
links from 118
with Alexa Rank
with Dmoz
with Backlinks
with Alexa Rank
with Dmoz
with Backlinks
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Pending Delete .by Domains

These Domains will be deleted in the next days. You can backorder them or just register them after they dopped.

TLD Count

The dropdate for the following TLDs is not verified. Domains might drop earlier or later: .eu .cat .travel .ae .ar .at .be .bg .ci .co .cx .cz .dk .es .fi .fr .gg .hk .hr .hu .ie .io .je .jp .lt .lu .lv .md .nl .no .nz .pl .pt .ru .sg .si .su .to .uk .za .berlin