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25. Jun 2012

Google Search Volume for every now with Google Search Volume

Finding Keyword Domains with actual Search Volume is hard if you have to check hundreds of thousands of domains every day, but it is worth it, because it is easy to get the Domain ranking for the Keyword. To make the process of finding good Keyword Domains faster, I've added the Exact Global Google Search Volume and the Adwords Competition for every Domain on The Search Volume tells you how many people are typing in the Keyword every month and the Competition Scale indicates how many advertisers there are for the Keyword. Combine both and you can find good Keyword Domains very fast! You can find the columns in every list. Here a small explanation what the values represent:

  • SG: Global Monthly Searches (Exact) - Approximate 12-month average of user queries for the keyword on Google search
  • CO: Adwords Competition - A scale from 0 (no Competition) to 100 (high Competition)

When a Domain is added to the system, the values get requested from the Google API. If there is a Keyword Match for the Domain, the Search Volume for the Keyword Match will be requested as well. e.g. The Search Volume for [musicvideos] is 3,600 but the Search Volume for [music videos] is 246,000. In this case you would see the second number on the website.

Note: The Keyword API does not distinguish the following strings. A request for "c-l-u-b" and "c l u b" provides the same results as "club". I thought about filtering those out, but if you want you can do that yourself by using the hyphen filter. Because the API is not free of charge, the results will not be updated! They do not change that frequent, but as always, you should check them before you decide to buy/register a Domain! You can use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool (Language = All, Match Types = [Exact]) for that.