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14. Aug 2013 is now 3 Years online11 new Deleted Domain TLDs added

3 Years ago was auctioned off at Sedo and lucky me won the auction. I didn't really have a plan what to do with it, but 8 days later the first version of the website went online. Of course it was a very different version of the one you see here today, but over the years the project grew and grew.
Now at the Third Birthday I'm happy to release another 11 new Deleted Domain TLDs. Enjoy.

I do not yet know the exact drop times for some of the tlds, so they might change in the future. You can find the update interval on the member homepage.
The lists that are marked with "own droplist" do not have public available droplists, so I'm creating my own for them. The system that creates the droplists calculates the expected drop date, but does not verify it! You should keep in mind, that it is possible that domains drop before or after the here published drop date. Of course that does not have an effect on the Deleted Domain Lists, because only Available Domains get released here. Another thing to consider is that the droplists are not 100% complete. I do my best to get them as complete as possible, but it is technically impossible at the moment to have each and every domain in them.

I've also added Portuguese to the system. Newly added domains already get checked against the wordlist and over time all domains will support it. You can find it under additional filter and you can select it in the always camel case domain name setting. Because I do not speak the language, I'm not sure if what gets produced there is usable or not, so please let me know if it works or not.

Last but not least, this is not the end! I'm working on two more Deleted Domain Lists (.fr and .nl) that will hopefully be released next month. Also I'm currently working on expanding the Droplist.
If you have suggestions for other TLDs or find any bugs, please let me know.