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10. Feb 2015

Domain WatchlistAdd domains to your private Watchlist

Today I've added a very basic Watchlist, that lets you mark domains you are interested in. In all Domain lists you now have a star in front of the domain name and by clicking on it, you can add/remove the domain to/from your Watchlist.
With the Filter Common Filter -> Listing Settings -> only Watchlist you can view the Domains on your Watchlist that are in the current Domain list. The Watchlist is in a very early state of development, but it already works and I will improve it in the future.
Some things to consider:

  • You can disable the Watchlist in your Settings, if you are not interested in it or do not plan on using it.
  • Domains can be in multiple Domain lists or move from one list to another. If you mark a Domain in one list, you will see it marked in other lists as well and if you mark it in Pending Delete for example, you will see it marked in Deleted Domains after the domain drops.
  • Domains at some point will be removed from domain lists. If you have added a domain to your Watchlist and it gets deleted from the domain list, you will not find it anymore. At least with the basic system at the moment. I have plans to fix this issue later with a separate Watchlist page.
  • If you mark Domains in the Domain Name Search in the right corner, it can be tricky to find those again. This will be fixed in the future as well.

*Update*: Someone mentioned today, that the Star would make it harder for him to read the domain name, so I moved it behind the domain name.