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30. May 2015

Domain Details PageFind all Information of a Domain Name on one Page

You can now find a new link in the Related Links Menu (Domain Details) that will open up the Domain Details Page of the Domain Name. On this website you can see all Information of the specific Domain no matter what fields you have selected in the column manager.

It also shows the current availability status of the domain name in a bunch of TLDs. The check is done using DNS. That makes it very fast, but can sometimes result in a false positive for domains that are registered, but do not have a DNS Record. They will be shown as available, but are in fact not available. The other way around is not possible. Domains that are shown as taken are always taken.

The availability check also searches the Database for the Domain Name in any other TLD. If that search finds any results, you will see those domains in the listing marked blue and the TLD gets underlined (it becomes a link to the Domain Details Page).