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17. Apr 2013

Customize your Domain TablesAdd new columns or remove information you do not need

For a long time I had a problem with adding new domain information to the website, because the space in the domain tables is limited and I do not like horizontal scrollbars. Now that it is easy to add customization to the website I found a solution for this problem.

Now you can use the Column Manager to add or remove columns and with that get exactly what you want. If you have a big monitor you can add more columns. If you are only interested in specific information you can streamline the tables and only see information useful to you. This is a huge help for me, because now I can add more domain information without having to worry if there is even space for them.

Some columns are not in the Column Manager. For example the domain is not and it is always the first column. You can't remove it (why should you). Some lists have special columns like the GoDaddy lists. Those columns are currently also not in the manager and with that can't be removed. I will maybe change that later.

The first new columns you can now select are 3 information from MajesticSEO.

  • Majestic Million Global Rank: MajesticSEO ranks domains in there system by this and the smaller it is the better.
  • Majestic Million Backlink IP Pop: Number of different IP Address Backlinks the domain has.
  • Majestic Million Backlink Class-C Pop: Number of different Class-C IP Address Backlinks the domain has.

I'm using the Majestic Million List they provide to fill those fields, so only domains that are in the top 1 million have the information. You can check those numbers by clicking on them.

There are not filters for those fields yet, but otherwise the are fully supported. I will add filters for them later.