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NameJet Most Active Mail Parser

Just paste the content from the NameJet Mails in the Box below and click on Show Details.
Works with both Mails, but only for the current Mail (no old ones):

  • NameJet Domains - 100 Most Active Pre-Release Backorders
  • NameJet Domains - 50 Most Active Pending Delete Backorders

Domain Tools

  • NameJet Most Active Mail Parser
    With the parser you can simply Copy/Paste the NameJet Mail content and see our usual Domain Data for every Domain
  • Camel Case Domain Names
    This Tool detects words inside of Domain Names and changes the first letter of every word into upper cases ( =>
  • Related Domains
    Enter a word and find registered domains that are related to that word (Domain Names starting or ending with your word).