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Deleted .md Domains

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Domain BL DP ABY ACR SimilarWeb STC Dmoz C N O D TLDs Reg RDT Dropped     Status RL 83 1 2011 59 0 - - available available available available 0 Today 13:14 available 319 11 2010 42 20.3 M MD   94% - registered registered registered available 6 Today 13:14 available 0 0 2007 28 0 - - registered registered registered registered 32 Yesterday 13:14 available 3 1 2010 19 0 - - registered available available available 1 Yesterday 13:14 available 0 2 2009 3 0 - - registered registered registered registered 29 17.01 ยท 23:09 available

Deleted .md Domains

  • Expired .md Domains (Pending Delete Domains) will be added to the .com Droplist.
    When they drop, we check if the Domains are available and if they are, we release them in the Deleted .md Domains list.
  • You can find Deleted .md Domains older than 24 hours in the free Memberarea.
  • Domains that will be deleted in the next couple of days can be found in the Pending Delete Domains List.
  • Update Interval: Once Daily | Time Window: 01:10 PM - 01:30 PM *
  • * All times are UTC. Use the World Clock Meeting Planner if you want to know what time that is in your country.
  • Important! All information get collected when a domain is added to the list. They can be old or wrong and everyone should check them before registering/buying a domain! I can not guarantee that the data is up to date.

Column Explanation

  • Domain: Domain Name
  • BL: Majestic External Backlinks, Click on the Number for Related Links
  • DP: SEOkicks Domain Pop - Number of Backlinks from different Domains
  • ABY: The Birth Year of the Domain using the first found Date from
  • ACR: Number of Crawl Results
  • SimilarWeb: SimilarWeb Global Rank
  • STC: SimilarWeb Top Country
  • Dmoz: Status of the Domain in
  • C: DNS Status .com of Domain Name
  • N: DNS Status .net of Domain Name
  • O: DNS Status .org of Domain Name
  • D: DNS Status .de of Domain Name
  • TLDs Reg: Number of TLDs the Domain Name is Registered
  • RDT: Number of Related Domains in .com/.net/.org/.biz/.info (starts with + ends with)
  • Dropped: When the domain dropped
  • Status: Status of the Domain (Available or Registered)
  • RL: Click on the Icon to see a list of Related Links for the Domain