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15. Oct 2014

New Domain Category FilterAdwords Products & Services Category

Something I haven't realized was that the Adwords API returns one or more categories for every search term you submit. Now you can filter domains using those categories. You can find the filter under Adwords & SEO Filters. Alone the filter is not very useful, but if you combine it with the other Adwords filters it might help you out.

At the moment only the first two levels of the category tree are used in the filter select box, but the domains are tagged using the full category tree. I've decided not to use the full category tree, because it is huge and I'm not sure how usable it is. You can check it out here. You can take any ID from the list and replace it in the url to test it out (eg. &fadwordscategory=10021).

It is only running for a while now, so not all domains are tagged yet.

12. Oct 2014

Download Domain Names30.000 Domain Names per Textfile

You can now download the domain names from your current search result in a text file format. It is a simple format that only contains the domain names and no additional data. Because of that I increased the limit of the text file download to 30.000 domains. You can find the new download link next to the csv export link.

04. Sep 2014

Filters in the Member AreaNew user requested Filters

Today I found the time to add new filters users requested. Some requests were made a long time ago and I'm sorry it took me so long.

  • Domain contains ... AND: You can define multiple keywords in this text field seperated by a space. The domain name has to contain all of them to be shown. The normal Domain contains filter combines multiple keywords entered with an OR, so all domains containing one of the keywords are shown. With this new filter you can combine them with an AND. I also added more     info icons to the domain name filters. When you mouse over them you get a more detailed explanation how the filters work.
  • no consecutive Hyphens: This is for users that don't mind hyphened domains, but don't want consecutive hyphens. When activating this filter, you will see, but not
  • Adwords max Competition: You can set the maximum competition you want to see. This can of course be combined with min Competition and there is a seperate Filter for every Adwords Country supported.
  • max WBY (Whois Birth Year): Before this you could only define min WBY. For Example min WBY of 2000 would show domains with WBY 2000, 1999, 1998... With the new Filter you can now get Domains on the other side of the selection. You can of course combine both filters and get ranges.
  • max ABY ( Birth Year): Same as max WBY, just for the Birth Year.
  • Case Sensitive Domain Pattern Search: The pattern search is now case sensitive! Before you could enter lower characters and the filter would automatically change those to upper characters and use them in the pattern.
    Now the lower characters will remain and specify a specific character at this specific position in a domain name. For example searching for LoLLo will only show domains with an o at the second and fifth position ( or This also works with numbers. Searching for CoCCoN0 will find or

Please contact me if you encounter any problems with the new filters and if you want to see something else on do the same!

24. Jun 2014

ExpiredDomains is movingThe Website is moving to new Servers

The current Servers have some issues, so I've decided to order new hardware and today the website is moving. A lot of the backend Servers are already done, only the website is missing. You will experience a short downtime when I switch the database and the domains over, but I hope it will only be a couple of minutes.

*Update* The move is complete. ExpiredDomains is now running on the new Servers.

11. Jun 2014

Can you add Majestic SEO data please?Please add Trust Flow and Citation Flow to

I'm getting this question a lot lately, so I've decided to post my usual answer here and on the FAQ.
Short Answer: I would love to add Majestic SEO data to my website, but it is just to expensive for me to buy the necessary API requests.

Long Answer: Majestic SEO was the first backlink provider I contacted back in 2011 when the Yahoo Site Explorer closed. Back then they had a light API you could use for free under some circumstances so I asked what those are. Sadly they only offered that API to developers that needed a very low number of requests and for the volume I need I would have to pay £1000 per month. As you know I offer this website for free and paying that kind of money every month is not possible for me, so I dropped it.

At the start of 2014 a user persistently asking me to contact them again, so I did. Maybe something changed. I provided them with the number of users I have and asked if they could increase the number of API requests on a plan I can afford in exchange for brand exposure. The answer I received was basically the same as in 2011. I can publish the information on my website, but I would need to pay the normal API request prices.

At this point some people argue with: "But other websites do it."
I do not know how others are doing it. Maybe they can get by with lower number of requests, but I currently need to process between 120,000 to 180,000 domains every day and that would mean "The 1000 plan" for €1200 per month. I'm sorry, but I want to keep this website free and that means I can't afford that.

I might ask them again in 2016. Maybe something changed. ;)