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26. Feb 2015

No Deleted Com/Net Domains at 25. Feb 2015No Domains dropped, Verisign moved the domain drop

As you can see there are no new deleted com/net domains yesterday. That is no problem on! Verisign just didn't drop any domains, so I can't show any. It looks to me that they changed the dropdate for the domains from 2015-02-25 to 2015-02-26, so we will have a bigger drop than usual today (>160k domains).

10. Feb 2015

Domain WatchlistAdd domains to your private Watchlist

Today I've added a very basic Watchlist, that lets you mark domains you are interested in. In all Domain lists you now have a star in front of the domain name and by clicking on it, you can add/remove the domain to/from your Watchlist.
With the Filter Common Filter -> Listing Settings -> only Watchlist you can view the Domains on your Watchlist that are in the current Domain list. The Watchlist is in a very early state of development, but it already works and I will improve it in the future.
Some things to consider:

  • You can disable the Watchlist in your Settings , if you are not interested in it or do not plan on using it.
  • Domains can be in multiple Domain lists or move from one list to another. If you mark a Domain in one list, you will see it marked in other lists as well and if you mark it in Pending Delete for example, you will see it marked in Deleted Domains after the domain drops.
  • Domains at some point will be removed from domain lists. If you have added a domain to your Watchlist and it gets deleted from the domain list, you will not find it anymore. At least with the basic system at the moment. I have plans to fix this issue later with a separate Watchlist page.
  • If you mark Domains in the Domain Name Search in the right corner, it can be tricky to find those again. This will be fixed in the future as well.

If you notice problems with the Watchlist or have ideas for improvments, please let me know.

*Update*: Someone mentioned today, that the Star would make it harder for him to read the domain name, so I moved it behind the domain name.

02. Feb 2015

Login with remember me cookieIt is now possible to stay permanently logged in

The authentication system on changed over the last few days. I disabled the double login check that prevented the login on multiple computers/browsers with the same account at the same time and I added a permanent login feature with a Remember Me cookie.
The first change removes a restriction that was not really meant for this website anyways and the permanent login is optional. In conclusion, nothing really changes for you if you don't want to.

If you want to use the Remember Me cookie, you might want to know how the system works. If you enable it at the login, a cookie will be saved on your computer with a one time usable token and you get redirected to the member area like always. Now if you have that cookie and you come back to the website the next day/week/month, the token will be used to identify you and you get redirected to the member area without having to enter your password. In the same step you get a new token and the cookie will be updated for the next time.

  • You can set this up on multiple computers and browsers if you like.
  • If you use the logout button, the cookie and the token will be delete.
  • If you change your username or password, all tokens will be invalidated.
  • If you don't use a token for 3 month, the token will be invalidated.

Let me know if you notice anything not working correctly.

26. Jan 2015

Daily Update E-Mail for Saved SearchesNamed Ending Filter changes behavior of the Update E-Mail

This might be interesting for you if you use the daily update E-Mail for saved searches. Someone asked me about a feature a couple of weeks ago and I said it is not possible yet, but I might add it in the future. What I completely forgot was, that I already implemented it a long time ago, but not mentioned it anywhere.

Normally the daily update E-Mail checks for newly added domains matching your saved searches, but if you use the Named Ending Filter to show domains that end today or tomorrow the behavior changes. The update E-Mail now contains the domains matching your search that end today or tomorrow and not newly added domains.

I use this myself for the PreRelease Lists, because I'm not interested in domains that get newly added here. They might get renewed a day later and will never be available to me anyway. I'm more interested in domains that are close to the enddate and that is why I added this feature.

This of course works for all lists that have enddates like auction domains, pending delete or PreRelease domains.

21. Jan 2015

Filter Rework Part2New style and new filter

It took a while, but now the whole filter section is updated. I did not remove any filter, but I moved some of them. Let me know if you notice anything not working correctly.

  • Domain Name Pattern: You can now enter multiple pattern (separated by a space) to filter your search and you can also blacklist multiple pattern you do not want to see.
  • Ends in days: This filter lets you define a range of end days (auction enddate or dropdate), so for example now you can only see domains ending in the next 5 or 10 days.
  • TLD Filter: I added a lot of new gTLDs and with that the system now supports over 800 TLDs. To keep an overview I split the TLD filter into 3 separate boxes (gTLDs, ccTLDs and new gTLDs) and I added a general filter to include or exclude a group of tlds.
  • Geo Domains: This is completely new. It lets you filter domain names that contain geo names (country names, city names, regions ...).
    only Geo Domains shows all domains that contain a geo name. This filter alone is not really helpful, but if you combine it with a keyword filter you can get good results.
    only 100% Geo Domains shows domains that are a 100% match with a geo name, so a country name, a city name or a combination of country and city.
    You can also select the country you are interested in, to see only domains that contain a geo name from that country.

The new filter were all suggested to me by users of, so if you have an idea for a filter let me know about it.