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14. Jan 2014

Backorder .de DomainsDENIC introduced a Redemption Grace Period

As you may know the .de TLD is the biggest ccTLD and the second biggest TLD overall. Backorder was not possible for .de Domains because there was no expiration date for them and after you deleted a .de Domain it was available for registration seconds later. There was no indication that a domain will be deleted soon and there where no droplists.

DENIC (Registry for .de Domains) announced the introduction of a 30 day Redemption Grace Period for .de Domains at the end of 2013. Now there is finally an indication that a Domain will be deleted soon and that will makes it possible to Backorder .de Domains. This is good news, because it will open up the .de market for Domainers all over the world. If you want to invest in ccTLDs you can now participate in drop catching for the best ccTLD.

The switch to RGP for .de Domains is now complete and you can find Deleted .de Domains here on again. The list gets updated once every day at 3:00 AM UTC. RGP Domains are in the Pending Delete Domain List 5 Days before they get released.

25. Sep 2013

Two new Deleted Domain ListsDeleted .fr Domains and Deleted .nl Domains

As announced last month, today I've released the next two Deleted Domain Lists. You can now find Deleted .fr and .nl Domains on I'm still figuring out stuff about those tlds, but it is working to a point where it is usable. Hope you like it.

Other changes/additions

  • Released .eu, .be, .fr and .nl Domains in the Pending Delete List.
    Notice: The Dropdate shown is not verified! If you want to Backorder or Snap a Domain yourself, you have to verify it yourself!
  • Disabled the Deleted .nu Domain List, because my Droplist for that disappeared.
  • Fixed a bug in the Google Info Check for Pagerank Validation.
  • Added a new filter "only new last 30 days".
  • Added some more Registrars to the Preferred Domain Registrar list.
    If you contacted be about adding a Registrar and it is still not there, then it is not possible at the moment. Some Registrars do not support Domain Availability using a GET request and that makes a redirect impossible.
  • Created a new Portuguese language file. The results should be a lot better now.

What's next

  • I'm still working on increasing the Droplist and with that the number of Domains in the Deleted .uk Domain List.
  • The delete cycle change of .de Domains should be coming up soon. I've prepared for that already and hopefully the transition will be smooth.

TLDs I looked into adding, but decided not to

  • .pl: Domain Tasting is possible here and from my research it looks like almost every Deleted Domain gets tasted and auctioned off. No point in adding a Deleted Domain List. Another reason is that the whois server is very restrictive...
  • .es: There is no public whois server available for .es domains. That makes availability checks impossible for me.

As always if you have suggestions or find any bugs, please let me know.

14. Aug 2013 is now 3 Years online11 new Deleted Domain TLDs added

3 Years ago was auctioned off at Sedo and lucky me won the auction. I didn't really have a plan what to do with it, but 8 days later the first version of the website went online. Of course it was a very different version of the one you see here today, but over the years the project grew and grew.
Now at the Third Birthday I'm happy to release another 11 new Deleted Domain TLDs. Enjoy.

I do not yet know the exact drop times for some of the tlds, so they might change in the future. You can find the update interval on the member homepage.
The lists that are marked with "own droplist" do not have public available droplists, so I'm creating my own for them. The system that creates the droplists calculates the expected drop date, but does not verify it! You should keep in mind, that it is possible that domains drop before or after the here published drop date. Of course that does not have an effect on the Deleted Domain Lists, because only Available Domains get released here. Another thing to consider is that the droplists are not 100% complete. I do my best to get them as complete as possible, but it is technically impossible at the moment to have each and every domain in them.

I've also added Portuguese to the system. Newly added domains already get checked against the wordlist and over time all domains will support it. You can find it under additional filter and you can select it in the always camel case domain name setting. Because I do not speak the language, I'm not sure if what gets produced there is usable or not, so please let me know if it works or not.

Last but not least, this is not the end! I'm working on two more Deleted Domain Lists (.fr and .nl) that will hopefully be released next month. Also I'm currently working on expanding the Droplist.
If you have suggestions for other TLDs or find any bugs, please let me know.

26. Apr 2013

More Deleted .com DomainsDeleted .com Retention Increase from 30 days to 12 months

Something that bothered me for a long time was that I could only keep one month of deleted .com domains at a time and that for the best TLD... Previously the domains got deleted a month after they dropped. I have to limit the number of domains per list to keep the speed up. Around two months back I started working on a solution that allows to keep 12 months of deleted .com domains and keep the lists fast. Now the domains don't get deleted anymore, they get moved to a monthly archiving table you can access. Other deleted domain lists already have a retention for 6-12 month and now deleted .com domains got that as well.

archive com domains

At the moment you can only see the current archive table April 2013 and March 2013. That is because the new process got added in March. The other tables will be filled over time. Also Note this:

  • The archive tables work as any other list. You can filter, sort and you can find the domains in the domain name search.
  • Remember that the domain information for these domains may be old! You should check them before making a decision!
  • You will only find free domains in the archive tables. The domains get checked once a day, so there is a chance that they are already registered. Check availability at the domain registrar of your choice.
  • Saved searches on archive lists will be rewritten to the normal deleted .com list.

17. Apr 2013

Customize your Domain TablesAdd new columns or remove information you do not need

For a long time I had a problem with adding new domain information to the website, because the space in the domain tables is limited and I do not like horizontal scrollbars. Now that it is easy to add customization to the website I found a solution for this problem.

Now you can use the Column Manager to add or remove columns and with that get exactly what you want. If you have a big monitor you can add more columns. If you are only interested in specific information you can streamline the tables and only see information useful to you. This is a huge help for me, because now I can add more domain information without having to worry if there is even space for them.

Some columns are not in the Column Manager. For example the domain is not and it is always the first column. You can't remove it (why should you). Some lists have special columns like the GoDaddy lists. Those columns are currently also not in the manager and with that can't be removed. I will maybe change that later.

The first new columns you can now select are 3 information from MajesticSEO.

  • Majestic Million Global Rank: MajesticSEO ranks domains in there system by this and the smaller it is the better.
  • Majestic Million Backlink IP Pop: Number of different IP Address Backlinks the domain has.
  • Majestic Million Backlink Class-C Pop: Number of different Class-C IP Address Backlinks the domain has.

I'm using the Majestic Million List they provide to fill those fields, so only domains that are in the top 1 million have the information. You can check those numbers by clicking on them. You can also now add "Germany Monthly Searches" and "Approximate Adwords CPC Germany" (in euro).

There are not filters for those fields yet, but otherwise the are fully supported. I will add filters for them later.