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Bido Auction Domains

Domain BL DP ABY ACR Dmoz C N O D Reg RDT Price Bids End Date    
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Bido Auction Domains

  • For details on when domain lists are usually updated, click here
  • All times are UTC. Use the World Clock Meeting Planner or if you want to know what time that is in your country.
  • Important! There is no guarantee that the domain information is up to date! It can be old or wrong and everyone should check it before registering/buying a domain!

Column Explanation

  • Domain: Domain Name
  • BL: Majestic External Backlinks, Click on the Number for Related Links
  • DP: SEOkicks Domain Pop - Number of Backlinks from different Domains
  • ABY: The Birth Year of the Domain using the first found Date from
  • ACR: Number of Crawl Results
  • Dmoz: Status of the Domain in
  • C: DNS Status .com of Domain Name
  • N: DNS Status .net of Domain Name
  • O: DNS Status .org of Domain Name
  • D: DNS Status .de of Domain Name
  • Reg: Number of TLDs the Domain Name is Registered
  • RDT: Number of Related Domains in .com/.net/.org/.biz/.info (starts with + ends with)
  • Price: Price information
  • Bids: Number of Bids
  • End Date: Date the Domain will be removed from this Domain List