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18. Feb 2012

Whois Creation YearA new column in all Domain Listings

Today I've added a new column to the domain listings, that shows the Whois Birth Year (WBY) of the domain. The Whois Creation Date is used as the Birthday of the domain, not the Year. If you hover over the value, you can see the exact date from the whois record and if you click on it, you will be redirected to a whois website. I have the Expiration Date and the Registrar as well, but I'm not sure if that would be helpful.

Currently there are whois queries running for .com/.net/.org/.biz and .info, so you can see the WBY only for those TLDs. I'm working on adding more. You can of course filter on this value as well. I also renamed the Birth ( Birth Year) to ABY, because it seems people got confused with it.

I had this in the database for a long time, but this week was the first time someone asked for it. So if you want something on the website, find a bug or if you are missing something, please contact me! If possible I will add it.