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08. Mar 2012

SEOkicks Backlink DataNew Backlink information on

Today I've added another column to all domain listings. It is the Backlink Domain Pop from Domain Pop is short for Domain Popularity (Number of Backlinks from different Domains). The difference to Link Pop is that only one Link from a Domain is counted and not every Link. Even if there are millions of Links from one domain, only one is counted. You can see the SEOkicks Link Pop by hovering over the Domain Pop value.

SEOkicks is a relatively new Player on the Backlink market from Germany, but they already can be proud on having 10 Billion Backlinks in there database. They use an own Crawler for finding Backlinks, so no third party providers. At the beginning they concentrated on the German market, but for some month now they crawl international and the number of Backlinks is constantly rising. The best part is, the Website and the API is free! Yes it is in German, but the interesting information should be recognizable even for non German speaking people.

After the shutdown of the Site Explorer I contacted a lot of Backlink Providers, but everyone except Blekko wanted a lot of money for the data and I can't pay that for a free service. That's why I'm very happy to have a new Partner in SEOkicks, that supplies quality Backlink information. Thanks for that!