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26. Jan 2015

Daily Update E-Mail for Saved SearchesNamed Ending Filter changes behavior of the Update E-Mail

This might be interesting for you if you use the daily update E-Mail for saved searches. Someone asked me about a feature a couple of weeks ago and I said it is not possible yet, but I might add it in the future. What I completely forgot was, that I already implemented it a long time ago, but not mentioned it anywhere.

Normally the daily update E-Mail checks for newly added domains matching your saved searches, but if you use the Named Ending Filter to show domains that end today or tomorrow the behavior changes. The update E-Mail now contains the domains matching your search that end today or tomorrow and not newly added domains.

I use this myself for the PreRelease Lists, because I'm not interested in domains that get newly added here. They might get renewed a day later and will never be available to me anyway. I'm more interested in domains that are close to the enddate and that is why I added this feature.

This of course works for all lists that have enddates like auction domains, pending delete or PreRelease domains.