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17. May 2015

New Fields and FilterDNS Status Columns, Yandex TCI, New Languages

You can add the new fields using the Column Manager . The checks already run for a while, but not every domain has a result yet! Also I had to reset some columns because of errors.

Yandex TCI - Thematic Citation Index

Yandex TCI is similar to Google PageRank. The higher the TCI is the better. It seems to be very selective what domains have a TCI. I currently only have 14,000 domains with a TCI 10 or higher in the database and I checked millions. Also it is possible to "fake" it by redirecting a domain on another domain. If a TCI is fake, the check resets the value to 0. You can read more about it here. It is also called TIC in some places. I guess that has something to do with the translation.

New DNS Status Columns

You can now see the DNS Status for the Domain Name for 9 more TLDs. The new TLDs are: .us, .ca, .uk,, .co, .eu,, .in and Already included for a while now are .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz and .de. For CNOBI I have the zone files, so checks are really fast and easy. Unfortunately you can't get zone file access for a lot of TLDs so for .de I'm making real DNS Request to the NS Servers and the new TLDs are implemented the same way as .de. I made a mistake with the Status DNS Check for and .in and had to reset all results, but now everything is working correctly. You will see an exclamation mark for TLDs without a result and the usual green/red bubbles for available/taken.

New Languages for the Keyword Filter

You can now filter Keyword Domains for Croatian, Slovenian, Romanian, Hungarian, Malaysian and Indonesian. I do not speak any of these languages, so I'm not sure how good the word lists are. Please let me know if it is total gibberish. For Indonesian I only have a very small list of 6,000 words, but for Croatian the list contains 600,000 words. As a comparison, my English word list has 350,000 and the German list has 1,400,000 words. If you know of places where I can download a dictionary or word lists for a language I currently do not support, please let me know (translation is not necessary). The format doesn't matter, because I process them anyway. You can also enabled the new languages for "Always Camel Case Domain" in your User Settings.