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27. Apr 2015

Faster Domain Search ResultsNew Version of the Domain Name Search

I'm happy to announce the release of a new version of the Domain Name Search (the search box in the top right corner). The new version looks like before, but it is a lot faster and that was the main reason for updating it. The previous version had some speed problems with the initial search and that made some of my ideas for the search impossible.

The old system used Sphinxsearch to find domains, but for the listing itself (paging, filtering, sorting) it used mysql. To make this possible I had to save the result list from sphinx in mysql. That was very slow for some searches.
One of the edge cases I looked at was the search for "the". This results in over a million domains and could take up to 35 seconds to generate. With the new search it takes around 1.4 seconds. The average search now takes around 0.3 seconds and I still have some ideas on how to improve it further.

The implementation effects a lot of places, so if you notice problems, please let me know.