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21. May 2016

New Domain List: Deleted .pl DomainsExpired .pl Domains that dropped are now available in the Deleted .pl Domains List

I couldn't find a Droplist for .pl, so I had to create my own and it took me a while to understand how the Drop for .pl Domains works, but I think I got it now. Something I had to wrap my head around is that Domain Tasting is still a thing for .pl Domains, so almost 100% of .pl Domains that drop get tasted.
This is how I think it works:

  • If a Domains gets deleted by the owner, the domain goes into [DELETE_BLOCKED] for 5 days and can't be renewed anymore.
  • If a Domain doesn't get paid at the billing date, the Domain goes into [BLOCKED] for 30 days or for NASK Domains 90 days. This is the redemption period and in this state the domain can be renewed.
  • After [DELETE_BLOCKED] or [BLOCKED] the Domain drops and can be registered/tasted [RESERVED]. It will stay a maximum of 14 days in [RESERVED] state.
  • If it doesn't taste good, it gets the [BOOK_BLOCKED] status for 90 days. After 90 days the domain drops again and can't be tasted anymore.

I check the domains after [DELETE_BLOCKED] and [BLOCKED]. If the Domain is available, it will be release. If the Domain gets registered/tasted, I keep the Domain in the pending delete list and check it again at the end of [BOOK_BLOCKED].

The Deleted .pl Domains List gets updated every hour, because .pl Domains drop at the exact time you can find in the whois under "expiration date".