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16. Mar 2012

New Domain List: Caught DomainsCaught Domains now on

Today I've added a new List that is probably not that interesting for most people, because it only contains Registered Domains. To be exact, the list only contains Deleted Domains that got immediately caught after they got released. It is sometimes useful to see what people are going for, so from now on they get added to the Caught Domains List.

The process of checking for Deleted Domains here on looks like this: I have a Pending Delete List for today and at the Droptime a script checks those domains. If the Domain is available, it gets added to the Deleted Domains List. If it is still Pending Delete, it gets checked again later. The once that got registered were dropped from the database, but now they get added to the Caught Domains List. This is the same for all Deleted Domain TLDs currently featured here, except .de Domains. They work different.

For the second step I'm planning on moving registered domains from the Deleted Domain Lists to the new list as well, to cleanup and only leave available Domains in those lists. Note: I removed the List from the normal navigation and added it under Links at the Top right.

Caught Domains