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01. Apr 2013 Expired DomainsNew List with Expired Domains exclusively available on

The number of domain lists on grows again. Today Expired Domains are moving in. The list contains all exclusively available Expiring Domains from with all the usual information you know from the other lists. You can also find Nabber Links for the Pending Delete Domains.

In other news, I added the "Named Ending Filter" that lets you specify the ending of a domain auction or drop day by name not by date. Before this you could only select ending domains by selecting an explicit date and that would not be helful if you saved that search. Now you can save a search that only shows domains ending/dropping today or tomorrow and that saved search is reusable.

If you use this filter, it will also change the behavior of the update email. Normally the email only contains domains that matches your saved search and where added in the last 24 hours. I really did not like this for PreRelease lists, where domains get added 30 days or more before the actual dropdate. It happens a lot that I decided to bid on a domain, only to find out that it got renewed a day after and with that was not available anymore. With the new filter it is now possible to consider only domains that are near the dropdate.