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26. Apr 2013

More Deleted .com DomainsDeleted .com Retention Increase from 30 days to 12 months

Something that bothered me for a long time was that I could only keep one month of deleted .com domains at a time and that for the best TLD... Previously the domains got deleted a month after they dropped. I have to limit the number of domains per list to keep the speed up. Around two months back I started working on a solution that allows to keep 12 months of deleted .com domains and keep the lists fast. Now the domains don't get deleted anymore, they get moved to a monthly archiving table you can access. Other deleted domain lists already have a retention for 6-12 month and now deleted .com domains got that as well.

archive com domains

At the moment you can only see the current archive table April 2013 and March 2013. That is because the new process got added in March. The other tables will be filled over time. Also Note this:

  • The archive tables work as any other list. You can filter, sort and you can find the domains in the domain name search.
  • Remember that the domain information for these domains may be old! You should check them before making a decision!
  • You will only find available domains in the archive tables. The domains get checked once a day, so there is a chance that they are already registered. Check availability at the domain registrar of your choice.
  • Saved searches on archive lists will be rewritten to the normal deleted .com list.