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11. Apr 2013

More Customization AvailableCustomize how works

In the beginning of in 2010 I've decided not to add to much customization options to the site so it worked and looked the same for everyone. That kept it simple and allowed me to develop faster, because I did not have to consider different user settings, but not everyone wants the same. Now with the new system this is no problem anymore. Today the first 4 user settings got released and a lot more will follow.

  • Preferred Domain Registrar: GoDaddy is the favorite registrar for most people and because of that they are by far the biggest domain registrar in the world, but not everyone wants to register domains with GoDaddy and that is fine.
    To accommodate that, you can now set your own preferred registrar in your settings and change the domain name quick link to get to the registrar of you choice. I've already added some registrars, but if you miss your preferred one in the list, let me know and I will see if I can add him.
  • Domains per Page: Change the default setting for Domains per Page. Before you always hat to set it after you logged in. Now you can set it once in your settings. You can still change it using the filter.
  • Color Blindness: This is something I've added a while back for just one user who asked for it. It replaced the red and green StatusTLD indicators with different colors.
  • Always Camel Case Domain Names: If you select the Keyword Language Filter you already get the Domain Names Camel Case ( ->, but only if you use the filter. Now you can always Camel Case the Domain Name if possible, even without selecting the Keyword Filter. In your settings, you can select what languages you are interested in. You can select multiple languages or deselect everything by holding STRG while clicking on the language.

If you have suggestions, please let me know.