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17. Jul 2011

GoDaddy Domain ListsMost Active, Traffic, Featured, Closeouts and TDNAM Domains

The first new Domain Lists here on got released today. You can find them under the poorly highlighted "Domain Lists" link in the menu. If you click on the link you will find 5 GoDaddy Domains Lists.
  • GoDaddy Most Active: Domains with at least 1 bid
  • GoDaddy Traffic: Domains with at least 2 visits in the last days
  • GoDaddy Featured: featured Domains by GoDaddy
  • GoDaddy Closeouts: Closeout Domains and all are Buy Now
  • GoDaddy TDNAM: everything there is on The Domain Name Aftermarket. At the moment only the next 7 days, because the list is huge, but i will increase the time span later on