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23. Aug 2015

15 New DNS Status TLD ColumnsDNS Status for .at, .ch, .be, .nl, .dk, .fr, .pl, .es, .pt, .it, .me, .tv, .io, .cn, .ru

My DNS API got an overhaul and can now handle a lot more TLDs. Because of that I'm happy to announce the arrival of 15 New DNS Status TLDs on With these you can easily see if a domain name is available or not in that TLD.

You can now see the DNS Status of the Domain Name for .at, .ch, .be, .nl, .dk, .fr, .pl, .es, .pt, .it, .me, .tv, .io, .cn, .ru.
Of course you can also filter the listing with the usual "is available" or "is not available" filters. You can add the new columns to your table listing using the Column Manager .

That doubles the amount of DNS Status TLDs available on It only runs for a couple of days now, so only a small portion of the domains in the database have results, but that will change over time.