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22. Feb 2013 Got An Overhaul!The code got completely refactored and the look slightly changed

For the last months the updates to halted. That is because I was working on a new version. The project is now running on Symfony2 components and Twitter Bootstrap. Mootools got replaced with jQuery, Smarty with Twig, Memcached with Redis and the character set for everything got changed to utf-8. Those changes add a lot of possibilities and will help to develop faster.

Here are the changes I did while doing the technical stuff:
  • The updates per E-Mail system for Saved Searches changed. Now you will only get an E-Mail if the check found domains (at least 1). No more 0 domain mails.
If you have suggestions or ideas, please contact me and if you find a bug please take the time to report it, so it can get fixed!