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03. Jun 2016

Expired .br Domains: How to get them!Explanation on how to get Expired .br Domains

The release process for Expired .br Domains is different from other TLDs, so I thought I would explain it a bit. Expired .br Domains go through the normal redemption period and pending delete period, but at the end they do not just get released. The .br registry keeps them and releases them together at a certain time. The release process takes place 3 times a year and lasts 15 days.

You can find the .br Droplist list in the Pending Delete List.

After it starts you can apply for domain names (maximum of 20 names). At the end domains no one has applied for drop and you can register them normally. Domains only one person has applied for will be given to that person. If two or more persons have applied for the same domain name the domain will not be release at all! The domain will be kept back until the next release process and then they try again. This repeats as long as the domain has two or more interested parties, but a maximum of 6 times. After the 6 time, the domain will be reserved by the registry and not released at all.

You can read about it here (Portuguese) or here in English (Google Translate).

The next release process starts at 2016-10-08 18:00 UTC and ends at 2016-10-23 18:00 UTC.

Here you can find Deleted .br Domains.

I will try to keep creating the droplist for the 3 dropcycles per year. I do that by hand, so if I forget, please let me know!