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16. Jun 2015 switches to HTTPSWe now encrypt all connections using TLS

It is time to retire HTTP connections and replace them with the more secure HTTPS (encrypted version). The connection from your Browser to the Webserver of is now encrypted.

Possible Problems

  • Browsers consider http://url different from https://url. That is why you have to login again, because the cookie from the old url is not used on the new one. After you done this once, everything will work like before!
  • If you use the password manager in your browser to save your password, you might have to enter it again for the same reason.

Technical Stuff

I use RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate, so all sub-domains can use the same certificate.
I also enabled HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) so Browsers know to only use HTTPS from now on. Old links will be redirected to HTTPS automatically.

As always, if you find a bug, please let me know about it.