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26. Feb 2013

Deleted .uk Domains on ExpiredDomains.netNew Deleted .uk Domain List is now available

Deleted .uk Domains where requested a lot in the past and I worked on adding them for quite some time. Now the system seems to function as expected, so today I've released the list to the public.

Some things to note:
  • The current daily list is very small and it is no where near complete! There is no complete drop list available for .uk domains anywhere and the one I'm using is not created by me.
  • I have a good list of registered domains and I know the drop process. I could create my own drop list, but because the whois is limited and I do not have a DAC account, there is no reliable way for me to check if a domain is registered or not.
  • There is no Whois Creation Date, because the uk whois service is very limited and Nominet enforced that limit strongly, so I do not have a whois record for every domain.
If you know of drop lists that are available to the public, please let me know. Also please contact me if you know a place where I can get access to a DAC API. The only way known to me is becoming a uk registrar and I'm not interested in that.