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25. Sep 2013

Two new Deleted Domain ListsDeleted .fr Domains and Deleted .nl Domains

As announced last month, today I've released the next two Deleted Domain Lists. You can now find Deleted .fr and .nl Domains on I'm still figuring out stuff about those tlds, but it is working to a point where it is usable. Hope you like it.

Other changes/additions

  • Released .eu, .be, .fr and .nl Domains in the Pending Delete List.
    Notice: The Dropdate shown is not verified! If you want to Backorder or Snap a Domain yourself, you have to verify it yourself!
  • Disabled the Deleted .nu Domain List, because my Droplist for that disappeared.
  • Added a new filter "only new last 30 days".
  • Added some more Registrars to the Preferred Domain Registrar list.
    If you contacted be about adding a Registrar and it is still not there, then it is not possible at the moment. Some Registrars do not support Domain Availability using a GET request and that makes a redirect impossible.
  • Created a new Portuguese language file. The results should be a lot better now.

What's next

  • I'm still working on increasing the Droplist and with that the number of Domains in the Deleted .uk Domain List.
  • The delete cycle change of .de Domains should be coming up soon. I've prepared for that already and hopefully the transition will be smooth.

TLDs I looked into adding, but decided not to

  • .pl: Domain Tasting is possible here and from my research it looks like almost every Deleted Domain gets tasted and auctioned off. No point in adding a Deleted Domain List. Another reason is that the whois server is very restrictive...
  • .es: There is no public whois server available for .es domains. That makes availability checks impossible for me.

As always if you have suggestions or find any bugs, please let me know.