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14. Jan 2014

Backorder .de DomainsDENIC introduced a Redemption Grace Period

As you may know the .de TLD is the biggest ccTLD and the second biggest TLD overall. Backorder was not possible for .de Domains because there was no expiration date for them and after you deleted a .de Domain it was available for registration seconds later. There was no indication that a domain will be deleted soon and there where no droplists.

DENIC (Registry for .de Domains) announced the introduction of a 30 day Redemption Grace Period for .de Domains at the end of 2013. Now there is finally an indication that a Domain will be deleted soon and that will makes it possible to Backorder .de Domains. This is good news, because it will open up the .de market for Domainers all over the world. If you want to invest in ccTLDs you can now participate in drop catching for the best ccTLD.

The switch to RGP for .de Domains is now complete and you can find Deleted .de Domains here on again. The list gets updated once every day at 3:00 AM UTC. RGP Domains are in the Pending Delete Domain List 5 Days before they get released.